Beautiful Sydney, Explored Through A Walking Tour

The viewing deck, Westfield
The viewing deck, Westfield

“I am Free”, is a free tour organised by a group of passionate and smart students from the universities, whom mainly are born and grew up in Sydney.

Most of them seems to be literature, history, architecture related studies students, well, they need to know the historical values of Sydney, or else it is really hard for them to take anyone on a tour.  Especially when the tour is about 3 hours.  Could be boring huh, when the lead tour also not sure about the places etc.

Danika, our guide, studies history in the local university, so she is doing this on part time, which I think is a pretty good job to begin with.  She could choose the days and slots she wanted daily, and then boom, making a great income through the tips given by the guests, whom enjoyed the tours.

Retna and I read about this tour on the first day in Sydney.  So we went for it on the second day.  It is really worth spending the 3 hours for this.  Why?

The guide is knowledgeable.  From local budget to something out of ordinary, she could explain and recommend.   Except the places to eat some crocodile pizza, we went there but the restaurant owner seems not so keen to handle Asian guests.

Joined the 'free tour' in Sydney
Joined the ‘free tour’ in Sydney

Whatever the amount you have decided to tip the guide, it is entirely up to you.

However, let’s be reasonable.  The tour is large, so, you can discount the full price tour, which would cost AUS60-70 for the 3 hours per person, and the intensity of the walk, covering more than 4 or probably 5km of walking, which actually you will not feel much, since the tour is really enjoyable.

The Forgotten Songs lane, with bird cages hanging, reminding us that these birds used to be here
The Forgotten Songs lane, with bird cages hanging, reminding us that these birds used to be here

We passed by several iconic historical places in Sydney, perhaps my personal favorites are The Rock and Harbour.  The scary stories of The Rock, the crime spot in Sydney.

The harbour, I think I could just spend the whole day sitting there, admiring the views, of Opera House, ships, boats coming in and out, the arts museum, cafes which serve really great coffee.

God, I miss the coffee there.

It is really nice to sit outside the cafe, in a slightly colder weather, like 20 to 25 degrees throughout the day, who wants to sit inside the cafe huh.

The famous Opera House
The famous Opera House

We had most of our lunches outdoor, I mean sitting at the park, or just sitting on a bench in a busy street in the CBD area, enjoying the sandwiches, water, or coffee.  Then move on.


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