Tasting Skippy

The taste, hmm, you gotta taste it
The taste, hmm, you gotta taste it

We walked to a restaurant or rather a drinking pub known as The Australian to try both the crocodile and kangaroo meat.

Ok, I am a cannibal.  I love meat.

But the pub personnel was kind of slow, or rather selectively choosing who they would like to serve.  Maybe this is the only place I feel the discrimination.

Anyway, we then walked about The Rock, and landed in a nice restaurant with really welcoming owner of the cafe, asking if I have tried meals prepared with kangaroo’s meat.

Perhaps he could read my mind, with clouds of thoughts projecting, huh?  ha ha.

Burger, served with Kangaroo patty
Burger, served with Kangaroo patty

Crocodile was not available at this cafe.

Anyway, the burger patty served with kangaroo meat is really an experience, for me, of a lifetime.

Never know how well it taste, until I bitten it.

Reminds me of beef, but then it has a different aroma, which kind of like ostrich or lamb.

Well, worth the try ha ha.


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