The Ad Man From Madison Square, will be back, 1 final time

My favorite characters of Mad Men.
My favorite characters of Mad Men.

I am not in advertising.

I am in public relations.

Often new people or client we met, may confuse between the two, well, that is common.

I did not watch Mad Men right from the start, I mean unlike some shows such as Gotham, Lost, Empire, Last Man on Earth, House of Cards, Better Call Saul, Game of Throne etc, I did not even know Mad Men exists until we were invited to pitch for a job abroad.

From that pitch job, I also got to know about Breaking Bad, which I also did not watch right from the start.

Mad Men final episodes will be back this Sunday
Mad Men final episodes will be back this Sunday

The show is great, I mean not just because how great Don Drapper and Peggy Olson could do the sales pitch well, but it gives also a great understanding about advertising world, which started actively in the 60s.

Also I remember in the episode 2, of season 1, Peggy went on a lunch tour of the office, that gives a great view how an advertising agency works, in perhaps a real world.

Besides the advertising world, I also admire the fashion in the show very much.  Too bad, I am in that shape as Don Drapper to fit into those clothes.  Well, no harm to keep trying.

The show will be back on air for its final episodes, of 7, I think before it is gone for good.

Nothing last forever right.


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