I was warned once by the authority about leaving the kids alone in the car

Our offsprings and their cousins
Our offsprings and their cousins

2 or 3 years ago, we drove to SOGO KL to exchange one of the items we have bought the day before.

Since it was only to exchange, and already made the arrangement with the SOGO KL team, I did not park the car in the car park but parked the car at the side of the building, which is Jalan Raja Laut.

3 of our kids were in the car, with the twins at least 11 or 12 that time.

I ran in to SOGO KL, exchanged the item and then ran back to the car.

A traffic police was standing next to the car and according to our twins, he has been there right after I have left the car.

He knocked the window and our twins did not roll it down, they told me could be fake, never know how people could be nowadays.

He stood in front of me, so I could not open the car door and told me, I was in fault of leaving the kids unattended in the car, which could caused danger to the kids.

Of course he also told me he could give me a compound, since I have done something wrong.

“Saya minta maaf tuan.  Memang sekejap sahaja.  Saya datang ke SOGO untuk tukar barang,” I said to inform the officer that I am here to exchange the item for just a short while.

He went on and on about how our kids could suffocate and die in the car, and how irresponsible I am etc.

I am glad he cares.

Reading so many incidents of parents leaving their kids in the car unattended, some may have been fatal, I think the officer is doing the right thing.


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