An Honest Conversation with Twins

Spotted 2 clouds, such beautiful composition
Spotted 2 clouds, such beautiful composition

Attended the parent-teacher meet at Kuen Cheng High School last Saturday.  Glad that I am back on Friday night so I could make it for this meeting.

The schedule meeting was from 11am to 2pm.  However, I was already at the school since 8am.

Not going to share the details of the meetings with the respective teachers.  But I want to share something which Retna and I are so proud of our twins at Kuen Cheng.

Without the iOS & Android powered phones, they actually excelled in their studies this time round.

I did the wrong thing but handing them the iPhones last year, and I seriously regretted it.  They spent most of their time on the phones, playing games, chatting with friends, major distraction from their studies.

Beautiful view of sunset
Beautiful view of sunset

When I shared this with the schools, the teachers actually praised what we have done and told us that they will share this good news and advice to the rest of the parents.

I also find it hard to talk to our twins last year when they were on their phones most of the time, even during the time to have meals.


Well, we are glad that they have improved.

Praise the Lord.

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