Why I think will stick with Spotify, for now

The new Apple Music, streaming service
The new Apple Music, streaming service

Which I was in Penang yesterday, kept receiving the pop-up telling me to update my Mac as well as the iPhone, and the iPad.

Anyway, without the WiFi, how am I going to download GB worth of updates? 

So I did it once I am back at work.

Yep, the work trip to Penang was short, I was out of home before 7am & back at work before 5pm.  Anyway, with so much going on at work and family, I chose to have short work trip, wherever possible.

So, I tried the Apple Music and I think for now I am paying RM14 a month for Spotify versus RM36-37 when the trial is over.  I would still go with Spotify for now.


The Spotify suggested playlist, which the company has pre-selected the lists, as well as lists compiled by others
The Spotify suggested playlist, which the company has pre-selected the lists, as well as lists compiled by others

The setup of Apple Music for the first timer, wow, so troublesome.

I have only been given options of artists, whom, no offence, I do not like.  I may listen to Kanye West, but I do not like him.

I like Taylor Swift, but she is not on my list.

I like Bastille, Vampire Weekend etc, none on my selection list.

The user interface, oh my like Apple Watch, so confusing.

Maybe the Apple team thinks the Beats team may have done a great job or most of the Apple Music subscribers are former Beats?  Think again.  The team is not following Steve Jobs approach, keep it simple, intuitive, and this round, Apple Music fails.

As for the playlist selection, oh my.  Apple needs to check what the leading music streaming service provider such as Spotify has been doing.  The tracks are pre-curated for the listeners, easy, hassle free. Can listen to the music according to choices, mood etc, who has time to go through the list to select the tracks one by one?  Come on.

Offline tracks, for the trial, they are available.

Talking about the type of music I like, I chose J-Pop, and guess what, I could no longer find Chage & Aska, perhaps not under the POP category anymore.  Ok, got it.

For classical music, why only pushed London Symphony, I want others too.

So, I will listen to the Apple Music, for now, until the trial is over.



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