Inez is ready for her primary 1!

Inez, is ready for school
Inez, is ready for school

After some months, Inez has received the acceptance letter to be enrolled into the primary 1 in 2016.

If you received the letter from the ministry or school, and having difficulty to connect to the portal, you are of better luck than I do.

So I would save your trouble. 

It is pretty easy.  Access this link to get the information as well as confirmation.

Ariel, holding Inez
Ariel, holding Inez

Once you have registered for the school, there are a series of forms for the parents to fill.

I remember filling these forms for our twins, took me some hours to get all done.

Inez, on her regular outdoor activities
Inez, on her regular outdoor activities

So, be patient.  Anyway, you only need to fill once per child 🙂


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