Love what you do, not the other way

1459845_10204964053834662_5451445313803986642_nWell, my parents taught me, or rather I self-taught, if you are happy with what you are doing, generally you will see the resources (time, money, jobs etc) to come in your way, because the people you work with, they could see you enjoy what you are doing.

So I met some group of people, whom do not seem happy with what they are doing or working, but demand more in terms of rewards.

I think there is nothing wrong to ask for money and in fact for more.

However, if you do not enjoy doing it, then money in a way should not be your motivator.  Simply, money will run out, some day.  But your joy to do something does not.

I always think working for money to have great life is like prostitutes.  However, there is a limit to being a prostitute, she or he will get old, when the clienteles are bored, so money stops.

You get what I mean.

It is better to enjoy what you like, and continue to do what you enjoy, which the people you work with and will be working with will feel and sense that.  They are more likely to support your cause over time.

I never thought I would be what I am now, say 20 years ago.  I am no body then and still no body now.

Many things I struggle in life, especially raising kids.

I think our kids are God send to test our wisdom level, whether we could move to the next.

Also our kids are the most difficult people to raise, teach, so we could then educate others, easily, I guess.

So, continue to do what you like, and if you have yet to start, maybe now is the time.



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