Babbling, babbling, boo, blah, bu, sa, sha…..

The On-Gals team at Publika

At a glance, I thought I was watching a group of Korean comedians speaking on tongues on stage.

We were directed in this wefie, lots of fun.
We were directed in this wefie, lots of fun.

My dear sister-in-law passed us 4 tickets to the On-Gals comedy performance, which was in conjunction with the KL International Comedy Fest, curated by Harith Iskandar.

Actually I am not a fan of Harith Iskandar, however, since seldom ever, or probably never we have taken our kids to watch a comedian performance.  We have watched many comedian movies.  Well, it is not the same.

We do what we could to input more knowledge on the kids, the 3 little farts we have.

So, we arrived at about 7:45pm at Publika, and the team told us that we could go in at 8:15pm.

We took the opportunity to sample the BM Yam Rice at Publika, which I think, chef Joe would have warned me, not to.  Anyway, we had.  It was not that great.

Wefie, must have.
Wefie, must have.

The show started with Harith as the host, mentioning the weakening RM would make watching shows such as this becoming more expensive.  So, he congratulated all the audience for being there today.

We bought an additional ticket for Inez, since only 4 were given earlier.  Good to have kept my Maybank Card around, I got 20% off.

The On-Gals crew are, spectacular.  I seldom like anything Korean.

Most of the closed family members, friends and clients know me well, would conquer this.  So I went in to watch the show with a pinch of salt.

I guess just like Retna, Elijah, Ariel and Inez, I was laughing like, none stop.  It was a great remedy to remove the worries in the head.  Really.

IMG_4904Although have to be back to reality afterwards, but I am just so glad that we have made it to the show, also to Publika.  I mean Puchong to Publika, is not exactly nearby.

They mumble, babble on stage, when they need the audience to response, they will speak in English.  Not that they can’t speak the language, they just mumble, because that is their style.  Remember Mr. Bean?

However, their facial expression, body gesture, language projects clear connection between the audience and the performers.

I know deep down in my heart, our twins would have jumped to the stage if they were called by the comedians.  They picked a guy whom they would make so much fun of.  A guy, in a way, the most wooden face, but that would generate more fun on stage for the audience.  Brilliant.

Then in the second part, they have the beatbox impersonation, which was really good, never thought that you could combine beatbox with comedy, well.

The whole performance was about an hour, non-stop.  They danced, performed tricks you probably would see a clown to do, spoke of language and eye contacts only they would understand.

Just like any other comedian performance, movies, once you have watched it once, you can not recycle it.

So, the next performance, we would watch them coming in differently.

Thanks again Chani for the great blessing.

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