When Madness Turns Mad

Seeking peace, and zen
Seeking peace, and zen

Praise the Lord for the busy schedule at work.

While we have some uncertainty in terms of commitment for the following year, we just rely on the Almighty for His guidance, that is all we could do now.  Without getting ourselves mad-er. 

So I was walking about Puchong buying some stuff for work a while ago.  I noticed the place I have been living and working for the past 8 years change.  In fact changes so much.

What was on my mind, to some
What was on my mind, to some

The time when I came in 2007, the food stalls were mainly operated by the Indonesian.

Fast forward to now, it is operated by the Burmese.

The new buildings in 2007 that came on, now look so dated.  They look so dirty, messy.

The corridor, and walk way in 2007 that was dirty, today still the same or worse.

The parking situation has turned from worse to total madness.

The people, my neighbour whom I do not talk to in 2007, I still do not talk to them.  Some of them occasionally like to irritate me by parking their cars blocking our gate.

Well, of all these things that changed, one thing did not change much, the friends I made at my favourite restaurants, still the same.  The taste and standard remains, the service level, smile they usher us into their place, still the same.

Well, fuck it, can’t simply expect everything to be the same right?



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