No reward for being good citizen, neither if you chose to be law abiding

A car, according to PDRM, using fake licence plate, hit me at 0625 while I was driving home from the train station
A car, according to PDRM, using fake licence plate, hit me at 0625 while I was driving home from the train station

I am sure you have read about my updates on the car accident which occurred in August this year.

Do you believe that good people has good return or reward?

I don’t.

The car was hit and the person ran away, I could only capture the car registration number, which later to my surprise was a fake, according to the PDRM.

At one point the investigating officer informed me that it was a car, then wrong model, and finally, a truck.

Honestly, I am not sure, who is telling the truth.

I have been consistently following up with the investigating officer about our report, it is always,

“I am on leave,”

“My grandkid passed away,”

“It is so hard to investigate la, so much work.”

“So hard to hunt down this person you reported, we have his address, no time to go to his house yet.”

“I will send a patrol team there,”

Blah Blah Blah

So I managed to track the fucker down and I have his name & address, thanks to technology.  I shared that details with the insurance company and PDRM, of course.  They told me the damage claim on our car will be done based on the third party claim.

And the insurance company told me, “No worries sir, we will get it done for you, this is really an easy task.”

Guess what, the claim was rejected a few days ago and I was told to claim the full amount, RM17k, under my policy.  Which, co-incidentally, I was informed that the non-claim benefit is now gone for the first year.

I was being too kind and too optimistic about things that could go well.  I was obviously wrong.  Really wrong.

I do not believe in being good and kind to others, things will go accordingly.  It does not.

Just when I was so kind to the cleaner who comes in once a week, guess what, she abused that kindness.

While I was reversing the car, she could see I drove the car into the car porch, and guess what she did.  She pressed the gate close button, and the gate landed on the beloved Citroen.

I was speechless, and the cleaner, did not say anything and smile at me, pretending everything is ok.

Nay bitch.

I was driving back from the school, passing Inez former pre-school, and I thought would let parents whom sent the kids for daycare to pass through first.  She parked her car, just there, in the middle of the road, and me together with other cars, have to wait.  We could not move until she did.  She did not apologise for wasting all our time.

So, do not be kind to others, protect yourself first.  Do not waste your time and effort.

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