Antabax National CLAP Competition Rewards Winners With RM32,000 in Cash Prizes!

SMK Taun Gusi, the first prizewinner for the secondary category of Antabax National CLAP competition
SMK Taun Gusi, the first prizewinner for the secondary category of Antabax National CLAP competition

The winners of the Antabax National CLAP competition deserve a round of applause in addition to the RM32,000 that winners from four categories clapped their way to in a competition that has successfully promoted hand hygiene in schools, colleges and to the general public.

Organised by Antabax, a trusted and innovative antibacterial personal care range in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia and the Ministry of Health Malaysia, the competition saw hundreds of entries that made it clear that Malaysians have talent.

The word ‘CLAP’ is coined from Clean Your Hands, Learn Correct Hand Hygiene, Apply the Correct Hand Washing Steps and Practice Makes Perfect. The competition mainly focused on hand rhythms, and a capella singing to strengthen good hygiene habits, and highlights the importance of hands in our daily lives including as musical instruments.

The National CLAP Competition was divided into four categories namely primary, secondary, tertiary and open with the winners in each category receiving RM5,000 for first place, RM2,000 for second place and RM1,000 for third place respectively for a total of RM32,000 in prize money.

In the primary school category SK Bandar Pontian came in first, with SK Assunta 1 and SK Taman Megah in second and third place respectively.

Sabah schools made a clean sweep of the secondary school category with SMK Taun Gusi in first place, SMK Narinang in second place and and SMK Gunsanad in third place. The secondary school category saw the highest participation.

Students from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris swept the tertiary category with future teachers Sufiaturrahman Syahruddin, Mohammad Hamka Nizam and Siti Nor Aisyah Zainiddin showing mastery of communicating through music and rhythm.

The open category was strongly contested with Team Antabaxter, Team Kabom and Team Super Z taking home the honours.

Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Group Product Manager, Household & Personal Care, Marketing Division, Ms Angeline Sim shared that the brand’s award-winning health and hygiene campaigns has reached more than 12 million Malaysians since it first started in 2009.

“Antabax pursues innovation in our products and in the campaigns that we hold to educate and raise awareness on health and hygiene issues. Every year, we are delighted by the level of creativity and innovation shown by participants in these campaigns, and the entries for the National CLAP Competition has surpassed our expectations again,” Ms Sim said.

“The CLAP campaign uses percussive hand rhythm and voice without any musical instrument where we believe that it is a way to reinforce good hygiene practices as it employs auditory-musical, linguistic, kinesthetic and interpersonal learning styles,” she added.
The contestants was required to record a video of their creative clapping and a capella rendition of the Antabax theme song (30 seconds) and another song of their choice for the next 30 seconds.

“We are overwhelmed with this victory because the competition was tough and required many days of practice and coordination. For a small school such as ours this is an achievement that can spur our students to excel in diverse fields such as healthcare, sciences, music and the arts. Our thanks to Antabax to giving us the opportunity to learn, to teach and to showcase the talents of our students to a national audience,” said Tuan Haji Suid Haji Hanapi, the principal of SMK Taun Gusi, the winner in the secondary school category.

Sufiaturrahmah Syahruddin, the first prizewinner for the tertiary category was full of praise for the Antabax National CLAP competition.

“This campaign was a good refresher on basic hand hygiene. It also challenged my clapping, singing and video editing skills. Campaigns such as these are a great way to come out of our comfort zone and learn new skills,” said the 26 year-old teacher.

Full List of winners:-
Primary category:-

Winner SK Bandar Pontian (Johor) RM5,000
2nd Place SK Assunta 1 (Petaling Jaya) RM2,000
3rd Place SK Taman Megah (Petaling Jaya) RM1,000

Secondary Category:-

Winner SMK Taun Gusi (Kota Belud, Sabah) RM5,000
2nd Place SMK Narinang (Kota Belud, Sabah) RM2,000
3rd Place SMK Gunsanad (Keningau, Sabah) RM1,000

Tertiary Category:-

Winner Sufiaturrahman Syahruddin Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris RM5,000
2nd Place Mohammad Hamka Nizam Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris RM2,000
3rd Place Siti Nor Aisyah Zainiddin Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris RM1,000

Open Category:-

Winner Team Antabaxters RM5,000
2nd Place Team Kabom RM2,000
3rd Place Team Super Z RM1,000

To find out more about the Antabax National CLAP Competition, please visit www.facebook/NewAntabax.

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