Million Reasons

Always wonder how much it would cost to live in high end neighbourhood, so decided to follow a friend to check out the neighbourhood as well as to attend a property discussion and 6 course fine dining sit down dinner.

The project is an already completed premier and high end condominium, which is located nearby one of my favourite spots, Publika.

I like Publika, mainly not the food there, in fact the only thing I like the most there is the BM Yam Rice, which I long for whenever I crave for some Penang food.

I like the vibrancy, the life of like living not so much in Malaysia, as the neighbourhood is mainly occupied by the expatriates.

Also, the art scenes at Publika, doodle, performing arts etc.  Our favourites.  Well, how much it is going to take to live there?

So, decided to find out.

However, the plan did not go as well as we have thought.

Arrived at the premier condominium, was ushered into the multi purpose hall, which was setup to cater for the sit down dinner.

According to the property developer, they have 80+ RSVPs and they have prepared more than 100 pax worth of food, in case some of their guests decided to bring more people along.

Well, it was raining heavily and the organiser did not think of plan B to have a back up plan to move the guests to a covered areas.

So, can imagines all the dine diners, dressed for the occasions, walking on their high heels, on the wet and slippery floors.  Yep, kind of bad.  I have to hold on to Retna’s hand to keep her safe.

Most of the guests started to complain, left.

The property developer told us to hang on, while they get things organise.  The team invited us to join their tour of the completed units.

So, the team ushered into the lift, guess what, it was the contractor lift.  Well, I noticed the few ladies in their LV bags, looked at the contractor lift with irritation.

When the property developer team started to show the first unit, he said, “This is going as is, really bargain, RM1.8million.”  It is a 2 bedroom condominium, with super large living area, and small bed rooms.

So maybe it is what the ladies looking for, but not me.

Then, again we were ushered back into the contractor lift, this time to a unit which is empty, so no electricity.  The only light we had, was from our mobile phones.

Again, on the verge of approaching RM2million.

Ushered again into the lift (yes, contractor lift), next to the other building, which required all the guests (the ladies included) to walk on the puddle of water, swimming pool, rain (in their fancy outfits) before could enter into the next block.

This time, larger unit with 2+1 bedrooms.  After some time of looking, we were told, actually the +1, you have to do it yourself once you have bought the unit.

Before I continue, yes, we did not stay for the fine dining dinner, because there was actually a catering food of roasted lamb, cordial drink (God knows what is in it) and mushroom soap (which we saw they were disposing the Campbell’s Soup cans).

I think to sell something that is so out of reach, one needs to be discreet about your guests, and sensitive about how they feel about the treatments, no wonder how well and great your property is.

If you really want to sell the property to high end people, treat them with respect.

No way you gonna smuggle the guests in a contractor lift and then tell them this place worth millions.

Oh, about the food, don’t mention it if you could not supply or deliver it as promised.  If your guests are planning to buy millions worth of houses, I think they could afford a meal, at any day.


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