Force Awaken

Force Awaken, in Tan-Vijayans
Force Awaken, in Tan-Vijayans

So we have watched the latest Star Wars franchise, The Force Awaken.

Absolutely like it, although I fell asleep half way, mainly I was just too tired from 3 back to back meetings and media events before the movie time with Tan-Vijayans.

As usual, the science fictions stuff, always a favourite among the Tan-Vijayans.

Why?  Because the Tan-Vijayans love to imagine, imagine things that are not possible.  I guess that is how people then makes these crazy ideas possible in the future yah?

The questions on the discussions which never stop since the Tan-Vijayans watched the Force Awaken.  Such as, “What is Star Wars?” “Why Ben kills his father, Han Solo?”  “Why Han Solo so dumb to allow and trust his son who could change?”  “Who is Finn?  Where is he from?”  “What propaganda is this?  Sounds so politics?”  “Star Wars is about politics?”

So, watching a movie is not just about being entertained.



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