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Parked like a boss.
Parked like a boss.

Firstly, 新年好!  Happy Chinese New Year.  Gong Xi Fatt Chai.

Thus far, I have been asked or rather I also would asked whenever I met someone not from Puchong, about the traffic congestion.

While the financial analysts are commenting 2016 to be a tough year, I noticed the Puchong folks, not much affected.  Or could be what some or many would said, “No matter how poor to be, still need to celebrate the festive.  Just celebrate based on one’s capacity.”

So, how is your celebration preparation be like?

In Puchong, also all the locations with stalls selling mandarin oranges, grilled pork meat slice etc, would be packed with cars.  Especially ones, that do not follow the traffic flow.  Double-parked, triple and so on.  Probably the main cause of the traffic congestion in Puchong.

The root of the problem – selfish.  That is common among the many.

Something else, the “you know who I am syndrome”.  Talking about that, in our neighborhood, we have quite a number of neighbors whom have received the titles such as Tan Sri, Datuk Seri and Datuk.  I remember attending the resident association annual general meeting, the committee wants non-other than the Tan Sri, Datuk Seri and Datuk to be on the board, only later realising that with few of them around, it is really hard to get things move forward.

Some, not all, thinks that he or she could do whatever, because of the connections, one has.

Nothing wrong with that feeling and perception.

The fault is, entitlement.

I was coming out from a meeting, and I observed how a gentlemen in a Maserati told the security whether they know how expensive his car is and why he should be given the chance to park his car right in front of the building entrance, which in a way blocking some, to come in.

Since he insisted to park there, the security personnel, let him.

This is a typical example how sometimes things got around for the bad.  The entitlement in this case, it was because he drives a car that is 5 times more than mine, so he got to park wherever he wanted, while I parked our beloved DS5 at the paid car park.

Note to self, the next car to buy, should be 5 or 6 times more than current one, as I need to pay for all these privileges.

So, dealing with people as such, there is a choice to stand firm with them without worrying you may loose your job.  However, do it in a gentle and polite manner.

If they scream at you, it is because they do not know what else can be done.

Have a lovely day.

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