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The first smartwatch I have
The first smartwatch I have

I wear both FitBit Charge HR as well as Apple Watch on both my wrists.

Crazy about tracking?  I was actually being asked several times, at work especially when meeting the clients.  I shared with them that FitBit gives me the advantage of competing with my friends on the daily goals.  Apple Watch, kind of hard not to have it now, since I could read the push notifications on my wrist.

Although the Apple Watch allows me to make and receive calls, I do not use it much, unless I am out running, working on the DIY stuff at home as well as washing the cars.  That ability to talk without the phone, is great.

During the traveling, the watch is useful for replying messages, emails on the go.

This time round, on my wrist
This time round, on my wrist

It is also very useful to control the Apple TV, music on Spotify.  Just love it.

I have not use the Android Wear, since it does not work well with an iOS device.

Anyway, I have given Android a try before, with the Nexus 5, just not working well for me.

However, never says never.

So I used to love having many gadgets, however, I have changed.  I only get what I need and want now.

Because the storage at home, some of the gadgets ended up a tech-grave.

How about you?


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