World Class, Low Class

Twins, with a passenger from India, a programmer based in Perth at the moment

I seldom travel abroad, normally when there is such opportunity, it is for family trip.

We love traveling abroad, not because we do not find any where interesting to visit in Malaysia, in fact we cover many places in our beloved country from time to time, the one we all love the most – Penang.

So, coming back on the traveling, why I brought this up, simply, I noticed how bad our international airports are, as compares to the other countries, which I have been to. 

For KLIA2, which was delayed with heavy overspent in order to complete, is really a shame as an airport.  No matter it is low frill or no frill airport, the following just proves how no one in the authority is auditing and ensuring all things are brought to international standard.  Well, Malaysia is big into tourism.

Water Station(s)

Right after the security check, which all liquid in the water bottle has been disposed, we were looking for the water stations to refill our bottles.

Found it, and to our surprise, there is only 1 for the entire gate P, which has like 12 or more gates.  So we stood in line for the refilling.

The water pressure was so low that no way one could place a bottle to fill, so what creative passengers have done, using a recycle cup, which I am not sure where the cup was last used, and by who.

Alrighty, thought will buy the water from the cafe outlets there instead.  Guess what, none of them sell the water in the bottle, all through cups.  Yep, cups.  Each at RM2.20 to RM2.50, depending which cafe.  I guess it is like 110ml or 120ml per cup, or maybe less.

This gives everyone the impression of – day light robbery.  If you want it, you pay it.

So, we thirst ourselves for the next 2 hours, as after that the airline fed us with the first meal.

I pity that old folks whom had breakfast (brought from home or else where since the food price is so expensive at KLIA2), and need to take their medicine, had to either stood in line for a really long time and drink probably contaminated water (remember the recycled cup?) or pay a premium of water, which is more than crude oil.

Food Price

Ok, before I begin, I know.  For any businesses to survive and make money of sending food and people to work in such a remote area, some costs should be factored in.  But not to a way as premium.

We had breakfast at Warung, looks like a local Mamak food outlet (with the appearance), and for 5 of us, the meal came to just few more Ringgit to RM200.  What did we have?  Tuna sandwich, nasi lemak, and coffee.  The same amount, I guess I could eat nasi lemak with drinks in Puchong, for like 1 month?  Or perhaps longer?

For tuna sandwich, we could have packed Ayam Brand along, which would taste much better than whatever brand Warung used.

While we were at The Pinnacle Nambung National Park, we bought drinking water from the souvenir outlet, and the price was AUS2 per bottle, which works out to be RM6.  Let’s talk about how much water costs in Perth CBD, range from AUD2 to AUD3 per bottle, 500ml to 600ml.

You noticed for a 200KM away from anything close by desert, price of water is AUD2, and no where you could find water if you are planning on the desert trail, which needs like 2-3litre of water.  If the same guy at KLIA2 is running The Pinnacle, I could see how much the water would cost there.  Yep, really high.

Crowd Management

We were passing the immigration gate at KLIA2, in fact, the departure hall, we had some really friendly personnel to assist, especially for Inez.  Anyway, she learn it quite fast, once she could see the instructions on screen.

When we came back, at the arrival hall, there was no clear sign as where we could go for the e-gate entry.  Imagine a peak period like CNY, how many people were traveling due to the long holiday, the e-gate was packed.  Really jam packed and no one on site to assist not on how to use the gate, but the traffic.

It was a mess.  Well, which Malaysian will stand in line, or wait in line?  No one.  Bingo.

When we arrived at Perth Airport, we were directed into the Border Control line, which then we stood there in line for 30mins, and another few minutes for the officer to cross examine all of us, before letting us through.  Of course, we were then enter into a long line to be examine on the stuff we brought in.

At KLIA2, we were told to scan one of our bags, not all.  Well.


To be cost effective, we took the RM2 coupon cab, and I need to highlight this that the parking of the cab is really a danger to the passengers.  Why?  We need to cross the road, which we did not know that there was a flowing traffic for the other cabs.  Really annoying.  One of the twins was scared by the loud honk by the cab driver, me too.  Fuck face driver.

Once got into the cab, which was a Toyota Innova, the driver told us it was inconvenient for him to put down one more seat for us as it is a lot of work.  So he wanted Inez to sit on one of the brothers’ lap.  Talking about safety in Malaysia.

The driver told me, he seldom goes to Puchong, then he went to his other drivers to ask, any one want to take us.

I asked him, we could unload now, and take another cab.  He then mumbled for a while, then said ok to take us.

He then told me that he wanted to use the PLUS Highway, because he is driving a Premier cab, as Dengkil is not for Premier.  What crap was that?

He asked if he could use the PLUS Highway partly it is longer, so higher fare.

I told him, “No.  We want to head home fast.  I will tip you instead.”

The driving attitude of course is not the greatest.  Fast, then slow, really slow, as I could see whenever he accelerated, the meter increases faster.

Well.  Cari Makan.

I am not a big fan of Uber neither Grab, I use them because I need to, and it is easier for my trip tracking as well as financial claims.

So, please share with me, if you have such similar experience.


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