Dinner at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant

While waiting for the food
While waiting for the food

We love Jamie Oliver’s shows.  Used to watch so much of it whenever I was in my in law’s home in Johor, because it was showing in Singapore’s TV station.

His approach to food, simple, make your own kind of approaches always encourage me to make our own meals.

His approach towards healthier food recently also draws much attention.

So, since we were in Perth, we found this restaurant while we were walking back from the art gallery. 

The first time we tried to walk in for lunch, however was told reservation requires.  Then we called in the next day to check for the availability.  Well, we made it for Friday night, which about 4 days away from the time I called.

A picnic basket Inez ordered
A picnic basket Inez ordered

When we got there, the place was really busy.  Mainly filled so many tourists as well as the local Australians.  The tourists, just like us, were there for the experience.  For Australian, it seems to be a place to celebrate special occasions.

The ordering process was smooth and easy.

What I had, free range pork chop
What I had, free range pork chop

The menu also rather simplified, not many pages to flip to make up your mind.

The serving crew was really fast.  They would have calculated on average how long the customers will dine there.  For us, about 1.5 hours.  This inclusive the chatting, waiting for the meals, had the meals and then relaxed for a while before payment, then ciao.

I love the free range pork chop I had.  It was simple, juicy meat and I love pork.  What could go wrong, with a brand name after Jamie Oliver.

All of us, at Jamie's Italian Restaurant
All of us, at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant

So, if you are in Perth, or anywhere in Sydney or Brisbane, do check out the restaurant if you have not been to.

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