Perth, Holocene, Skinny Love, Woods, Bon Iver

Wolves Act I & II
Wolves Act I & II

Good Winter, Bon Hiver, in French.  Justin Vernon, the founding member of the American Folk band, Bon Iver was on Asian tour, end of February and beginning of March.

When I found out about their Asian tour, my first choice was Osaka, and Tokyo, however, thank God for the opportunities, our agency has few meetings arranged so happened in Taipei.

So, we watched Bon Iver in Taipei.

For Emma, by Bon Iver
For Emma, by Bon Iver

It was rather easy to buy the tickets, all online.  The only tedious part – to collect the tickets from the 7-11, of which kind of like many steps just to do one thing, which is to collect the ticket.

First have to queue at the kiosk inside 7-11 to collect a confirmation note (I already have a confirmation code and note email which the ticketing agent sent to me), then bring that slip to the cashier, paid another ticketing printing charge, then collect the tickets from the counter.

So, that was, countered productive.

The venue of the concert was at Taipei International Convention Center, which is walking distance from where we were for our meetings.

All in all, Bon Iver did 16 tracks from both or rather 3 of their albums, over 90minutes.

The session started at 8:30pm and must comment that the Taiwanese audience are really polite and quiet.  The only time we heard loud screaming was when Justin interacted with the audience, clearly the loud voice was not from Taiwanese, so, wink, Mat Salleh.

The band started the performance with Woods, which is also found in Kanye West’s Dark Twisted Fantasy album.

Followed by Perth, which almost blown my heart out.  Why?  The bass from the speaker, OMG, I thought I loss my heart.

They also did a track which suppose to sound like Grizzly Bear, but, nay.

Lump Sum, Flume, Towers and re: Stacks are among my personal favorites.

Justin Vernon, performing Skinny Love
Justin Vernon, performing Skinny Love

For encore session, Bon Iver came back with Skinny Love, and before the end, where some Mat Salleh went to the front of the stage to dance, For Emma.

Actually all Bon Iver tracks are sad, really sad.

So need some quiet place, hall to enjoy it.  I mean how to enjoy sadness, contradictory, but what the heck.


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