Healthy nutritious meal, learn and prepared by kids

The Ayam Brand twist on Margherita Pizza is healthier with a sweeter taste that will appeal to kids
The Ayam Brand twist on Margherita Pizza is healthier with a sweeter taste that will appeal to kids

What most parents would do in stopping their younger kids from entering into the kitchen to assist, simply, the parents worry that the kids may mess up the kitchen as well as slowing the food preparation process.

I remember when I was growing up, my mother actually needed us to be in the kitchen, why?  She really needed help.  We did not have fancy kitchen equipments, so a lot more manual and labor work were required in the kitchen.  So my mother will always got me and my elder brother next to her to prepare lunch, dinner. 

Bringing us back to the current time.  Guess most parents did not realise hanging out preparing food together is also a great time to be with the kids.

Whenever Retna bakes at home, the twins are there to help her.  Daughter also will be there to assist too.

And since we do not have a helper at home, everyone at home will need to clean up the place once eaten.

Ayam Brand, has been working with since 2007.  In the beginning of this year the brand updated the menu in its cooking school at Kidzania Malaysia.

Another inspired child to be more independent by equipping culinary skills at Ayam Brand Cooking School at KidZania
Another inspired child to be more independent by equipping culinary skills at Ayam Brand Cooking School at KidZania

I really enjoy working on Ayam Brand, as the brand always looking for more ways to promote kids to prepare their own meals.  I remember our twins used to follow us to the media campaigns when they were on holidays, they learn so much from the Ayam Brand team as well as the professional chefs on the meal preparation.  Guess what, they do not need us to buy them food neither to prepare any meal for them during the time when we are really busy with work.  They could prepare a meal for themselves as well as their sister, using the techniques they have learn or cooking book published by the brand.

So, if you are taking your kids to the Ayam Brand Cooking School at Kidzania, just let them move freely and learn from the team.  They sure to learn something and you will be proud of your kids.

Here is the press release issued to the media on this initiative:-

Ayam Brand™, a household name in Malaysia and Asia for 124 years, famed for its wide range of high quality, preservatives-free and healthy canned food in now in its third year of partnership with KidZania, the international indoor family edutainment centre, through the popular Ayam Brand™ Cooking School.

The Ayam Brand™ Cooking School at KidZania is a perennially popular destination for visitors to KidZania as new kid-friendly and kid-tested, nutritious and easy to prepare recipes are added every quarter. Children who undergo the skills training receive a coveted Junior Chef certificate, too.

Ayam Brand™ has also undertaken a facelift of the Cooking School with more fun and informative visuals, and a new layout of the facilities to inspire children to be more independent by equipping them with culinary skills.

Spark your child’s passion for Italian food and give them the skills to achieve culinary independence and healthier eating habits with a visit to the Ayam Brand™ Cooking School at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, where the all-time Italian favorite, Margherita Pizza is the latest recipe on the menu.

Pizza is increasingly a Malaysian favorite too, and it is surprisingly easy to prepare at home even for kids, with minimal adult supervision.

The Ayam Brand™ twist on Margherita Pizza is healthier with a sweeter taste that will appeal to kids, with more fruits and fiber including a tomato puree sauce base, with pineapple chunks and sweet corn over pita bread, with an option of thin or thick crust. Preparation takes less than 10 minutes and baking another 5 minutes for a nutritious hot meal. 

Fruits are famously known to be rich in vitamins, fibre and are naturally fat free, making it the complete everyday balanced meal for you and your family. To top it off, they are cholesterol free too!

Ayam Brand™’s canned fruits contain no preservatives and no artificial flavours. The fruits are exclusively selected from Non Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) fruits, harvested and packed fresh from selected premium varietals to preserve their crunchiness and freshness.

According to Ayam Brand™ Marketing Manager, Mr Nicholas Nyeow, the brand is a champion of good nutrition and healthier eating habits, and has been focusing on the educating younger generation to give them a good foundation and guidance on better lifestyle choices when it comes to food.

“As Malaysians increasingly eat out, fibre and fruits are may be lacking in our diet.  This is why our latest recipe at the Ayam Brand™ Cooking School at KidZania are fruit and fibre focused. We are giving them the basics of a simple pizza recipe using Ayam Brand™ products that are ready to eat, straight from the can but taste just as good when cooked. Once they have mastered the basics, they can explore more pizza toppings including from Ayam Brand™‘s range of tuna and sardines,” Mr Nyeow said.

“For the many kids who have participated at the Ayam Brand™ Cooking School at KidZania, they can download their Junior Chef Diploma in our website to manifest their achievement in culinary. They can showcase this proud achievement to their parents and friends as well,” Mr Nyeow added.

Ayam Brand™ Cooking School at KidZania welcomes kids between the ages of 4 to 14 to visit for an experience that can start them making smarter nutritional choices, cooking healthy, eating healthy, becoming more independent and who knows, even discovering their career path as a Junior Chef.

Among other healthy recipes that the kids can learn at Ayam Brand™ Cooking School are Tuna Wrap, Tuna Puff, Funny Face Sandwich, Coconut Milk Muffin, Speedy Tuna Pizza, Love Sardine Sandwich and Fruity Mini Cones.

The Ayam Brand™ Cooking School is located at KidZania Kuala Lumpur at the Curve NX, Petaling Jaya and is open daily including on public holidays with general admission at KidZania at RM 80 per child and RM39 per adult with mykad

For more information please visit and

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