Having a pet at home

The twins working on the eClass, while Inez and Manikam joined them to have some learning session
The twins working on the eClass, while Inez and Manikam joined them to have some learning session

By now you would have known that we are currently fostering a toy poodle belongs to my mother in law, whom at the moment is recovering from her fall happened some months ago.  It was a bit of a challenge for her to take care of Manikam during this time.

So, since Manikam was a gift from me and Retna, we decided to take him back for now, until our mother is ready to have him back.

Manikam, a 2 year old toy poodle, we found him through a friend, when our mother decided to have a pet to live with her.

The process of finding him was like God’s gift.  He was not afraid of me and Retna, neither he was rude.

Manikam is a gentle boy, and in fact he is way too kind that when he is with the other in door dogs, he got bullied.

However, the only dog which does not bully Manikam, is our Olga.

They could hang out together well.  In fact, they could play, share the toys.

Manikam has been blessed with our Tan-Vijayans, who unlike the rest of the other kids in their age, treat the dog like an animal.  They treat him, like a friend.

Manikam, seated on Elijah's lap, learning about mathematics
Manikam, seated on Elijah’s lap, learning about mathematics

They have been teaching him about reading, using the computer (yep, there were days I found saliva on my Surface keyboard) as well as to do some mathematics.

One day I spotted Elijah was teaching Manikam how to use the scientific calculator.

Manikam is also a great comforter for the Tan-Vijayans.  When one of them was feeling down, he really cheer them up, and then the Tan-Vijayans just became so happy.  Praise the Lord.

Inez, reading a story to Manikam
Inez, reading a story to Manikam

I guess once Manikam makes his way home down to JB, we will start looking for a little friend for Tan-Vijayans.

Praise the Lord for the little friend we have in our family.

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