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Tomato soup noodle
Tomato soup noodle

Between Thai food and Vietnamese, I always prefer the earlier.

Why?  More my kind of taste as it serves with pork, mainly.  Not that Vietnamese do not like pork, but they are much better with beef, which I generally prefer to have beef with burger.

So Retna and I walked along the restaurant at SetiaWalk, as we wanted to buy some fruits after the lunch at RedTicks.

The owner of Absolute Viet came out approaching and explaining the signature dishes of the restaurant.  We stopped and listened to the explanation.

Before long, we looked at the owner, said, “Yes, we will have it.”

The restaurant, unlike the rest of the restaurant at SetiaWalk, offering lunch set.  So, this place works on ala carte.

The ordering is simple.  Rice, noodle, and starter, then the beverage and dessert.  We skipped the dessert and opted for main courses – noodles and salad.

Hand shredded cabbage salad
Hand shredded cabbage salad

The Vietnamese vermicelli comes with the tomato soup, which generally I seldom eat tomato other than steak or burger.  So, the soup was great, as Retna explained it, the tomato makes the soup taste yum.

The noodle also comes with chicken and pork chops.

We had a hand shredded cabbage salad, which kind of crunchy and sweet at the same time.

I also like the dragon fruit juice, which, kind of juiced with much fruits than water.

The only down side for the meals here, the price.

If looking for good Vietnamese meal, can consider here.  For value meal, not here.

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