Outsourcing Parenting


I am living next to a parent with young kids, like below 5 and 1.  Daily, when I am at home, I could hear the screaming matched between the mother and the kids.  They screamed from the loudest voice, to compete for the loudest lungs.  And, for us, we suffer, badly.

The screaming actually not only day time, but night time too, with the chorus from the father.  More screaming, some time, midnight, I could hear they screamed at each other about who to handle the crying kids etc.

I am in no position to comment neither to advise the neighbours to keep their voice down, however, I could blog about them 🙂

So, why I brought this up.

I read about an incident in Melaka which a daycare and tuition centre owner punished the stupid kid with rattan cane.

She was detained by the police and was released.  During her arrest, 30 parents voiced their support towards the person, saying their kids will not excel without this person.

Wait, hang on.  You mean, these 30 idiotic parents stood in front of the media, proclaiming, “Cane our kids, because we are lousy in parenting.”

Well, at least that is how I read this.

Parenting is a big task.  We have gone through young kid parenting to now teens and soon, adults.

The process is not the same for all ages.  However, the parents should keep track of the progress of the kids, the growth mentally, physically themselves, not leaving it to someone else to do it for you.

Ok, many Malaysians already have the problem of taking care of the family.  They work so hard, no time to clean and manage the homes, the task being given to the domestic helper.

And I met so many parents at school – primary and secondary, that they generally passed the tasks of disciplining and teaching the kids to the teachers and school.  They would always say this to the school, “I pay you to do the job.”

So, if you think parenting can be outsourced, then go ahead.

Just remember, these are your kids, not the outsourcing agents.  You should know what they have been taught, spoken to, trained to etc, just like the making of iPhone, do you know what has gone inside?  No, right?



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