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The minor dent and scratches on our former Citroen.
The minor dent and scratches on our former Citroen.

The very first time we bought a Citroen was in 2009, when we needed a true family car to usher the arrival of our daughter – Inez.  So we went shopping for the right family car, and after some months, we booked Citroen Grand C4 Picasso from Brooklands Motor Sdn Bhd, which was located at Jalan Chow Sow Lin, a really large showroom and service centre.

In the next 3-4 years, so many things happened to Brooklands Motor, you can read about it, here and here.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the Citroen very much.  Why?  Besides really nice to drive around, it is really safe for all of us.

In 2013, we were driving on the LDP, heading to Saturday evening service, and the car in front of us stopped suddenly, which we braked too, and there went the piling of cars that followed us too close, I think about 11 cars in total, we found out about this information through the helpful PDRM.

A seriously bad road accident happened to our former beloved Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, about 7 cars piled up along LDP in 2013.
A seriously bad road accident happened to our former beloved Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, about 7 cars piled up along LDP in 2013.

The twins and daughter were in the car with us, with their safety belts fasten.  All of us safe, praise the Lord for His protection.

As you could see from the picture, the Citroen suffered minor dent and scratches.  The insurance repair was easy, I recalled.  The workshop told me, spray the paint, replaced some parts, and ready to be on the road again.

As compares to the rest of the cars involved in the accident, I guess the claim and repairs took some time.

When we first got our Citroen, Brooklands Motor was situated in a really nice and large showroom in Kuala Lumpur with service centre attached.  I remember used to like sending the car there, I could ordered the drinks from the counter and will be delivered.  Later, that privileges were removed and replaced with complimentary vending machine, which still ok.

Brooklands Motor then downsized its operation, and merged the Citroen sales and service with SsangYong in Petaling Jaya.  In less than 1 year, Brooklands Motor loss the distributorship to NAZA Euro.

We continued to send our Citroen to NAZA Euro as the same technical team at Brooklands Motor moved to the new distributorship.

NAZA Euro pushed the Citroen brand really hard, but we were not considering buying another Citroen any time soon.  So we never receive any invitation from NAZA Euro to all sort of new launches, neither, we were given any discount for sending our car back to the service centre, for our loyalty and trust.

Anyway, we did get another Citroen – DS5 from NAZA Euro, and the sales team celebrated Retna’s birthday on the day when they handed the car to us.

The sales and service centre at Glenmarie has pretty much the location for Citroen in Malaysia for past couple of years until today, I found out that the company has decided to merge both Peugeot and Citroen sales and services together.

So Citroen sales will be part of Peugeot sales where they will share the same sales platform and display.  Where as the service centre will be moved to, you ready?  Puchong!

The service centre will be merged with Peugeot Service Centre @ Puchong, which is like 1 hill below where our house is.  Kind of a good news for us, as I could save so much time.  Perhaps the team could give me a ride back home after I send in the car.

I am not sure how it would be like with this new setup.

I never have any good experience with Peugeot @ Puchong, as the technical team really, lacking in knowledge.  They spend more time in smoking than fixing the issues I raised.  Maybe the tobacco brings out the solutions.

Once I spoke to the Citroen new technical manager, he told me that Peugeot service has been upgraded with more experience personnel placed there.

The management thinks highly of Puchong as an ideal location, I guess it is because of the number of customers whom have bought their latest models, would have been from, you are right, Puchong.

Let’s talk about downsizing.

I generally think it is not so good to grow or start so big, then you have to shrink, and become small.  It is better to have a scalable growth, because I remember sitting in Citroen service centre in Chow Sow Lin, so huge, that our twins used to enjoy themselves running freely there.

For Brooklands Motor, it needed to impress the buyers or prospects, they spent so much on the outward appearance, and lacked badly with the substances – knowledge, customer service.

NAZA Euro, seems to be heading that path.  Big and impressive, and now scaled down.  There is nothing wrong to scale down.  But you do not have to if you did not start so big.




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