Forced Religion

The Tan-Vijayans
The Tan-Vijayans

Born Christian.

Born Muslim.

Born Buddhist.

Born Hindu.

Sounds familiar?

I was born in the family of no religion, rather atheist, should you have a term to address it.  My father loves the world, he loves it so much that he spent most of his time away from home.

I am so glad that I do not turn up whatever ways I have thought I could be ended with – addicts of something, drugs, alcohol, gambling etc.

I discovered religion when I was 15, sitting on school bus heading to school.  A 17 year old female senior from another school approached me, asking about how was my day, then moved on to school, home work etc.  She made it very clear that we were just talking, and not because she is keen to be my girl friend.  Her straight forward approach is really good, straight to the point.  Plain chit chat. 

She shared stories which later I learn them as testimonies about her studies as well as miracles happened in her family, especially to her parents.

So day in and day out we became friends on the school bus, from different school, not of love interest, she was just assisting me with my English and later she asked if I know Jesus.  My reply, “Ya, sure.  My aunt knows Jesus.  She told us about Jesus, and we called her, 讲耶稣, i.e. long winded talking, which most avoided speaking to her.”

She later introduced me to the Bible and also invited to join a local church which is walking distant from our home in Cheras.  Until much later, she asked me to learn to pray to Jesus and later I learn about God and Trinity, over my family issues, studies, dealing with pariah school I was in that time etc.

So one night, I said the sinner’s prayer, which was a guide in the Bible which she passed to me.

The experience with God, my walk with God is only possible when I encountered God.  It is easy to say, but it is really hard to explain that relationship between God to someone else.  Generally people could only see and witness your relationship, through what and how you are.

On the born religion or something.  I strongly encourage the parents to let the children to experience the way of life you are in.  Guide them without forcing them to do things in life.  I know, it is kind of hypocritical kind of speaking.  We went to Hindu and Buddhist temples with our kids.  We went there to learn about the religion experience as well as the cultures.  Twins learn about religion in their school textbook.  They could explain what is Sunni and Shia in Islam since they went for the test on religion at their school.

I find parents who are ignorant about teaching your kids on religion are way too foolish.  Do not be afraid to expose and teach them other religion.  Instead of teaching them, parents condemn them.

I have classmates whom their kids exposed to Islam, and the whole family got hyper, went into rebuke session blah blah.

I think we afraid when we do not know.  Agree?

So to cast away this fear, understand it.

We are proud that the twins are generally able to start conversation with the religious groups of people – pastors, priests, ustaz, monks etc.  They talk to them to learn about their religion and belief.

So, instead of forcing the kids to practice the religion, why not let them experience the life of walk of faith with you.  Let them see it, experience it, instead of just plain talking about it.

Just like sex education, you can not avoid talking about it.


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