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Having an afternoon tea with love of my life
Having an afternoon tea with love of my life

Retna and I have been working together since 2001.  Working together as in the same company.  For us it is a bit unique, we started the company together, and then working together.

So for the past 15 years, working together, do we have things or issues we could not agree and see eye to eye?  Sure, we had.

I was in a meeting recently with a client, and the client was surprise when he found out that Retna is my wife.  We have been working together with this client for the past 7 years.  He thought we are business partners.  He is right, we are business partners.

Some clients have commented that both of us work together so well that they did not realise we are married!  Or rather some of them have said, we hid this husband-and-wife from them so well.

Actually we do not hide, neither we will share the details, because it is not relevant to what we are providing to the clients.

So, when 1 client asked me, “Have you been in a situation that both of you could not agree with things in business?”

“Of course we do, and we have learn how to overcome these differences quite fast and well.” I said.

It is.  We do not let an issue to be carried forward longer than 10 nor 12 hours.  We resolve our differences pretty fast.

There was once we were given opportunity to work on a client’s project.  But due to some foreseeable issues, we declined the project.  Yep, we said no sometimes to clients.

Over the years I have observed if spouse is keen in the similar business, it is a good team and partnership.

So now you would be asking me, since you see each other from 9am-6pm on week days, what do you talk about after work?

We talk about exercises, our plans for family, study and learn stuff together as well as discussing things related to the kids.  Of urgent items, we will still talk about the work.  We are not saint, need to get things done, and feed the family.

Anything to add, share?

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