Spending Sunday

We supposed to have a lunch date with my mother and brother, then turned out that my brother was under the weather a bit on that day.  So, we spent the time to hunt some revision books for our twins instead.

They are both in the Chinese High School, which means the choice is rather, limited.  How limited?  Like only 2 places we could find the revision books and work books in Malaysia – DJZ in Kajang as well as KL Commercial Book Co located in Jalan Sultan, which is in the heart of Petaling Street.  Since the DJZ was closed on Sunday, we went to Petaling Street instead.

We arrived at the place about noon and it was rather easy to drive and find a car park on Sunday.  Maybe most tourists walked or used the public transport to come this place.

The street was generally filled with addicts as well as beggars, and many foreigners, not tourists.

Generally, one does not feel really safe walking in this area.  So that perception when I had in my teens still the same today, kind of sigh.

We bought the books or whatever we could find there, and then headed to get some arts supplies from Nanyang Arts, which scheduled to close down in July, but, it was closed!

So, we walked to get some icy cold longan drink, which I think Inez has not been here before.  It would be a good experience for her.  Walking passed the stalls operated by the Bangladesh nationals, makes one feels like, we are not in Malaysia.  Again, double sigh.

So bought the drinks for all, except Retna, she refused to take any drinks, which she is not comfortable with.  I fully understood that 🙂


Walked to get some Apam-Balik for the twins.  I overheard an auntie kept calling the older gent, “Uncle, uncle, this, that… blah blah.”

He got so annoyed and then told her, “Stop calling me uncle, you auntie!”

“My under part still works like an iron steel!”

We had a good laugh.

So the entire adventure completed in about 1.5 hours, and we headed home after.

Will we come again to this part of town?  We have to, if we have to.

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