My recent visit to Malaysia Airline Golden Lounge @ KLIA
My recent visit to Malaysia Airline Golden Lounge @ KLIA

We have a weekend home at Seri Kembangan.

We spend most of the weekends here.  Besides the swim, exercise, we spend some time here to sleep as well to eat.  The Tan-Vijayans also spend their time to study, learn and play.

About the food, we are particular.  Not to spend too much time on it, and it has to be something nice to have.

Thanks to Peter and Yvonne, they have shown us around in this area for food and great fellowship.

We also went on the exploration trips to find where the nice Seri Kembangan food locates.

So, instead of me talking about where to get nice food I will talk about where not to eat.

Deli Cafe

It serves Chinese Dim Sum, only in the day time.  The place is seriously dark and dirty.  We were surrounded by many groups of smokers, or families whom smoked like chimney.  The food is not fresh and taste also not that great.

Ong Lai

We came here twice, actually.  Why I placed this restaurant under the list as such, the service level is subjective.  We ordered a curry fish head and a butter crab, it took really long time to come, or rather the chef has forgotten about these dishes.  The restaurant served us 1 crab for a family of 5.  And the curry fish head, so diluted that it tastes more like fish head soup, with curry flavoured.

Restoran Chicken Rice Ninety Six 

We had lunch here, and the chicken was boiled by most uncharismatic cook, absolutely not tasty and the glass noodle soup, was like eating noodle in plain water.

Cook’s Idea

Wan Tan Noodle, tasty, but one needs to have patient like a saint to have a meal here.  The average waiting time for a plate of Wan Tan Noodle to reach you – 45mins to an hour.  The service level is also slow.  The drinks, not that great.  The curry noodle shown on the picture looks so different from what was served.  The chef has different idea than the rest.

Rojak Penang Empayar

For a name like that, you would expect something great and nice, or else who would dare to make such claim.  Well, it is the totally opposite.  We patronised this place 3 times.  The first time, Rojak was great.  The prawn sauce used or imported from Penang was tasting ok and great.  On the second visit, the Nasi Lemak stall has closed so was the rest of the Penang Curry Noodle stall.  On the third visit, the stalls changed again, this time to local food, no more Penang cuisines.  And, the Rojak, the prawn sauce has been changed, no longer tasted the same as our first visit.  So third being the last for us.

868 Mamak

We just had this few hours ago.  The place is quite easy to find, right in the busy town area of Seri Kembangan.  Mainly patronised by Chinese, for obvious reason – it is a Chinese neighbourhood.  The young owner was charismatic, had a chat with me, asking if I am from Singapore, coming here to review his place.  I said, no, true Malaysian who is seeking nice dinner.  He was not god in recommending his specialty, and made a general remark, “Sini banyak makan semua sedap.”  The twins gone through the menu and ordered the Roti Canai Goreng and Roti Michal Jackson (they spelled it as Michal), Wan Tan Mee Goreng.  Food came fast but I think this place would stand a really chance when it gets its act together, by improving the cleanliness and food standard.  As it is, don’t bother coming here.



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