When you think it is right, time or moment

Inez, with Darth Vader and the rest
Inez, with Darth Vader and the rest of Star Wars gangs

Last night, we had dinner at Morganfield’s at Sunway Pyramid, because 2 out of 3 Tan-Vijayans kept mentioning the name of the restaurant over and over again.  So after the Inside Scope treat, we brought the to this place for dinner.  The food, as usual, was good.

When I was walking the the dinner venue with Inez, she stopped to look at the Star Wars figurines on display at Sunway Pyramid, which look pretty good, except the patrons have abused the figurines there.

We wanted to take a picture with Chewie but a family was sitting on the figurines, the kids trying to break Chewie head etc.  Inez told me, “Dad, it is so sad, they are doing such bad things to the Star Wars heroes.  Also they do not know how to read.  They don’t know they are not suppose to hold and stand on the figurines?”

She was furious.  Yep, she has a point.

The civic conscious level in this country has dropped to bottom lowest, or you would disagree with me.  I send our twins to the bus station on week days.  We witnessed the bus passengers dropped the bus tickets to the floors as soon they stepped out fro the bus.  They also littered whatever they were holding – cigarettes, water bottles etc on to the floor, although the dustbins are like less than 10 meters away.

We are also increasingly learning so much and so well from our ancestors from China.  While I was inside Mango boutique checking out some suits, I noticed the shop assistants were in shock when the China tourists walked into the outlet, thinking they were having a fight, simply they were so loud in their conversation!  LOL.

We are living opposite one for some years now.  Walking about in man’s brief, ladies lingerie, smoking, talking loudly in the middle of the night, kind of a norm, until a few of us in the neighborhood told them to reduce their volume, now only the China neighbor adapted to the neighborhood.

The civic conscious level in working environment is also kind of low too.

Employees lied to the company, employees lied to the employers, medical leave, absence, missing in action (MIA) etc.  When talking about delivering work according to deadlines, none achieved.  However, expect the pay to be on time, to reach their bank accounts.

Frustrated?  Nay.

I generally do not response to threats.  I disembark them.


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