How technology once ruined the life of kids

The engraving on the iPod Touch, which was a birthday present from me and Retna to the twins.
The engraving on the iPod Touch, which was a birthday present from me and Retna to the twins.

As the headline suggested, it can be fixed.  But you need determination as well as consistency.

Talking about technology devices, how many parents, or you specifically have handed one of these to your child or children?

I am sure quite a few. I am not condemning technology, because just like artificial intelligent (AI), they are nothing without the human being’s input and supervision.  Yep, the supervision.

As parents, you may argue, the technology is so important, I want my kids to be exposed to it as soon as possible.  Actually, that is your lame excuse, simply the parents want to have peace of mind, do not want the kids to bug them during meals, or the actual fact, do not want the kids to bug them at all.

For some, not all, parents have delegated the tasks of talking to the kids while traveling or meals to the electronic devices.

I once asked myself, how much would the apps and games help our kids to grow in their life as a person.  Actually not much.


The cracked screen of iPod Touch.
The cracked screen of iPod Touch.

In the past, someone told me, let your kids play games so that they could be gamers.  Also they could some day develop games.

If you want your kids to be game developers, you actually need to let them learn about coding, not to play them.

I spoke to people from Romania and India I met through work, most of them learn about coding while they were at school  Not because their parents taught them, but because coding is part of the school syllabus.

I look at our daughter’s primary computer text book, in our country, we are still at the level teaching the kids, what is monitor, keyboard, CPU and floopy disk, CD.  nce Inez brought a CD back and asking if I could help her to launch the text book in a Windows app.  I can’t because at home, none of our computer runs on Windows, neither we have a CD drive.  Now I do actually, I bought a Surface Pro 3 as well as an external DVD drive last year.  Twins are advocates of Windows 10, they find Mac OSX not that great.  Perhaps El Capitan is.

So talking about the iPod Touch experience for the twins.

They spent so much time with it and as a result – they needed glasses.

They also interacted less with their parents, spent more time fighting on who gets to play the game next.  The only time they spoke to me, when they needed my credit card details for the purchase of apps.

Twins also learn about lying and how to hide the apps that they do not want their parents know they have installed.  They also good at jailbreaking the iPod Touch.  Probably the first ever coding the twins have learn were through jailbreaking.  Also one of the twins demonstrated to the MobileFest gang how he installed the Android Jelly Bean on Palm webOS powered tablet.  Thanks to lesson from Dr. Alan, what he shown him, was exactly what he has picked up.

Fast forward to current days.

The only time the twins using a computer, the Surface Pro 3 – when I am around with them.  They need the computer for their school assignment as well as online learning for selected subjects.  They also need the computer as a tool of communication with their school, teachers and classmates.  They can exchange ideas, update each other about the activities at school etc.

They do not have a smartphone, as that privilege was removed from them 2 years ago.  They have only the feature phones, which could call and text.

So love your kids, help them.

Make difficult decision, it is good for you.


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