Visiting The Hairdressers Barbershop @ Kota Kinabalu

Side profile of me and post hair cut at THB
Side profile of me and post hair cut at THB

Well known as THB, The Hairdressers Barbershop, is located at Sri Kepayan Commercial Centre, Kota Kinabalu, a really quiet neighbourhood, with 1 strange road heading into the area.  I think sports cars sure going to head the junction.

Anyway, I found the place on Google and I checked the place a bit on the reviews, it is a decent barber with hipster setup.

The barber team led by Kervin, who is also the owner of the outlet, are all really young.  Imagine some young and enthusiastic barista at the coffee joints?  Yes, you will see many of them here, to cut your hair.


Me, after a hair cut at THB
Me, after a hair cut at THB

When I arrived, I am not sure whether it was intentional or just randomly happened.  The barber outlet was playing Cake’s Sheep Go To Heaven, with the line – The Barber Can Give You A Haircut, kind of cool right?

Anyway, I do not know the song, I turned on the Shazam on the Apple Watch, to find out.

The styling is about the same as Mechanics Groomers, which Retna and I visit on regular basis now.  I still think the Mechanic team is doing a better job for me, especially the face hair trimming.

The place is really hipster, ok I have mentioned this the second time now.  Kind of cool, you walked in, on the right, is the barber, and the left is where Jesselton Tattoo is.  While waiting, I saw a lady having a tattoo on her back, not a really awesome experience, mainly, I could see how much pain she was going through.

I had a really good chat with Kervin, and found out that he is always invited to be in China, Singapore and Hong Kong for haircut, and he said that for male haircut, it is really standard throughout the world.  The method and techniques are the same.

He has been a barber for the last 11 years.  And currently about 5-6 barbers working with him.  2 of them look more like computer programmers, than barber, kind of nerdy, LOL.

If you are in Kota Kinabalu, and thinking about hair cut, if you have the time, head over to THB, I recommend the experience and skills from Kervin.  You can sense his passion, and charisma in doing this.

We both share a common thing in running our business – need to have passion, or else quit or do something else.


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