Meeting Singaporean

Me, in the beloved Peugeot
Me, in the beloved Peugeot

Disclaimer.  Not bitching about the clients, neither about the people we are working with, whom are Singaporeans.  They are fine Singaporeans we work with on daily basis.

I had a very short notice meeting arranged over email by someone we knew, as our agency was recommended by some agencies and media in Singapore, mainly we have worked with some of them in Singapore.  Also I think they remember Retna really well, because there were few critical campaigns managed by her while working for Singaporean clients.

So, the meeting was arranged and we highlighted to the prospect that we could meet between 2:30pm – 3:30pm, as we have meeting at 4:30pm, before a conference call at 5:30pm.

We got at the venue at 2:15pm, asked the prospect to meet at the lobby.  They came at 2:45pm, and did not tell us they were here already, instead they went for smoking break.  The prospects, I would describe them as they look like here for holidays, and not really interested to have any sort of discussion.

Also the prospects seems really keen to work with anyone or us, they do not pass us any business card, their reason, forgot to bring.  Lame right?

I guess they may be based in Singapore, they are not the sort of Singaporean I have met, known and worked with.

They were distracted, not sure what they wanted for their new products, I just kept quiet and smiled throughout the meet, and then I just said thank you, and exchanged the hand shake, then waved good bye.

So, you had similar experience?

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