Our Weekends

Weekend home activities, one of them.
Weekend home activities, one of them.

We tend to spend a lot of time with our children whenever we can, especially during the long holidays, such as Chinese New Year, Raya, etc, whichever that grants long weekend, or longer off days from work and schools.

Last week, we had Raya break.  Since we did not plan to head any where due to the major exams coming up for the twins, so we spent time at our weekend home.

At the moment, Retna and I are spending some more time to put up the weekend home, which I think we are almost there, just need to add on more characters onto the weekend home.

The color scheme seems to work well now.  I think the organisation of the place, such as how to keep things more simplistic and neat, that still need a bit of work.  We will continue to study how Japanese organises their tiny home, so we could do likewise for our weekend home.

It is nice to be there, not doing any work, as we do not have any telephone nor internet connection at this weekend home, so we could be away from all sort of temptation from spending time with each other.

I guess if we need internet access, we could stay at home.

Weekend. #Apple #AppleWatch #Smartwatch #Bose

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When coming to what to get for the place, we do not go with whatever we could get, but think of whether the item or items would match the place, going with the scheme of things.

Recently, I bought a Bose Color Link wireless speaker for the weekend home, from Bose Malaysia, during the mid year sales.  It fits into the place nicely, not bulky, everything small and the color, fits nicely.

I could get used to wearing tights.

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Besides the resting, playing for the kids, we spent quite a bit of our morning and evening in the gym and pool, which have lesser crowd.


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