Recently in a Uber ride, I was asked an interesting question by the driver.

“Have you tried to have sex with any other woman other than your wife?”

“Have you thought of having sex with other women after you married your wife?”

I am not going to share the replies here, LOL.

Go, imagine my replies 🙂

What I want to highlight is that, why men or even women could not handle temptation.

I think as human being, since Adam and Eve time, we are easily tempted.

Tempted for short term or some times, long term gains, which we think we could have whatever we wanted so badly, and then we could not for whatever reasons.

Before I move on.  Yes, I do get really interesting drivers, whenever I am on a cab, Uber or GrabCar.

Let see what are the interesting questions posted to me:-

“Are you gay?”

“Have you tried having sex with another male?”

“If you need money, someone offers you an amount you can not refuse, would you let him fuck your backside?”

“Do you need girls?” (I got this a lot when I am abroad and alone in SEA countries)

Retna analysed these questions when I shared with her as – I look too heterosexual to many males and perhaps females too.

I always have my wedding ring on, to sort of filter the unnecessary questions from some.

However, I guess no everyone would pay attention to such thing, as wedding ring.

Coming back to temptation.

It is seriously hard to tackle when you have no money, as well as when you have money.

When you don’t have the money, you think about the temptation to ease your current situation.

Where as with too much money, you think about feeding your temptations, thinking you can get anything you want through money.

Money is not evil.  It is a tool, more so, transactional tool in life.

I remember my former boss told our sons when they asked him, is it an evil act to love money.  He said money can be used for charity, being philanthropy.  So, nothing wrong with money.  It is how you utilise it.  Good advice.

Have I ever thought about temptations?  All the time.

When I enter into an Apple store, or visiting the Apple online store, the temptation is so huge that I feel like buying things I like from Apple.

But some self control helps in situation like this.

Share with me, how you overcome the temptations?




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