How maids will destroy the Malaysian household

Keeping the kids occupy with house chores
Keeping the kids occupy with house chores

I seriously think many parents destroy the household by having living maid(s).  Why the plural?  For some families, one is never enough.

Do you seriously think the kids need so much time to study and have no time to clean the house, together with the parents?  Or take up the responsibilities since the parents are working?

I find it highly annoying when our former maids trying to stop our kids from doing any house works.  She will tell them, stop, let me do it.  It took us some months to train the twins to sweep the floor.  You think it is easy, so try to do it yourself.

When we are teaching the children house chores, we need to set in some examples, instead of just purely telling or instructing them to do the work.

Once the house chores are done, the kids could chill around
Once the house chores are done, the kids could chill around

Just like the many foreigners working in Malaysia.  I remember their supervisors or employers will tell them to do the work, without showing them the methods nor giving them the tools.  That is why the work quality such as construction, renovation are so fucked up in our country, because of the irresponsible employers and supervisors thinking they could make the money, through the labor from abroad, but no showing of the proper methods and ways to get the jobs done.

So, we have a contract with a cleaning company.  Yep, I have engaged cleaning services for our home, why?  Because it is too big to clean.  Both Retna and I do not have the time to clean it.  We have been using the cleaning company for some years now.  The service is going from so-so, to now, worse.


The cleaners are not consistent.  They change very frequent.  We really need to be around to show where things are, show them how to the clean the toilet bowl, walls, floors etc.  I often got involved in the cleaning, to show the cleaners how the correct methods, so it would make our job easier.

Guess what.

None of them appreciate such teaching.  They take it as an opportunity to relax.  Or worse, just tell us don’t know how to clean, so no need to clean.

After house chores, playing time
After house chores, playing time

The most fucking annoying moment is – passing knowledge and skills to the cleaners, which they just throw it into the garbage.

I just have enough with the compromise and sub standard cleaning services, which every month I ended paying them for almost doing nothing to what I wanted.

So these mother fuckers could just go fuck themselves.

For the weekend home, I wanted to engage the cleaning service too, which I have enquired the services around the area.  There are just so many terms and conditions the cleaning companies needed me to comply, such as time according to their availability, shorter hours with higher pay, inexperience cleaners due to labour shortage etc.  It is like we are paying for sub standard and compromised work.

So, I decided to get the kids to sweep the floor, one will handle the mopping and one will handle the dusting the house.  Guess what, I could use the money I save from paying the cleaning company, and pay for our nice meals around the area.

I now begin to love to clean the toilet at our weekend home.  Why?

Because I have found ways to clean it effectively with tools I could get from hardware outlet.  I also time myself when I clean each time, to see whether my stamina has enhanced or deteriorated.  Exercise also, no?

I love to clean the weekend home after I have a swim at the pool, because I feel cold, and I could clean the place then have a nice shower and enjoy the rest of the time at the weekend home.

I guess we need to get the act together, as parents.  Do not let someone else put a ransom on you.

If they do, tell them, “fuck off”.



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