Tan-Vijayans @ Ganga Cafe

Ayurvedic Chapati served in a Thali set
Ayurvedic Chapati served in a Thali set

I love Indian food.  Nothing to do with marrying a Sri Lankan.

The very first time when I had Indian food was in Georgetown.  My late uncle fetched me from the airport and took me for lunch at a banana leaf restaurant, which was a new experience for me.  I grew up in Kuala Lumpur since I was 4.  I have never been living outside of the place.  So kind of like a city boy, now man.

Vegetarian Mutton
Vegetarian Mutton

He told me, you will like the banana leaf meal, once I have tried it.  True enough, I fell in love with the Indian food, more so the rice and curry served with the banana leaf.  My late uncle also took that opportunity to teach me a lesson – eating with my fingers, without the help of folk and spoon, which until today, I have mastered the skill 🙂

Retna and I have been to Ganga Cafe at Bangsar some years back, before the current facelifting.  We met the owner while we were there as they introduced the food to us.  Only serves vegetarian meals, and nothing else.

Since we were not that hungry after attending Mior’s wedding reception, we decided to have something light as after that we planned for some coffee at Pulp @ Bangsar.

Tan-Vijayans love Indian cuisine and in fact they have volunteered themselves to follow me to India, when I finally decided to do so.

Close up of Ayurvedic Chapati
Close up of Ayurvedic Chapati

We had chapati and vegetarian mutton, which in a way, the textual of the mutton tasted like what I usually get at Puchong vegetarian famous outlet, the only difference – the gravy.

The place seems a bit busy, with only 2 personnel handling the serving and taking orders, and more than 10 personnel in the kitchen.  At some point of time, during the ordering process I got a bit annoyed with the personnel, as whatever we wanted to order, almost 90% not available or she does not know whether it is available or not.  So there was a bit of hanging in between ordering food.  Thank God I did not have a hungry stomach, or else I will do my regular – walk out and leave the place.

The food took about 15mins to arrive and took us 15 mins to complete.

And less than 2 mins to pay.  Will we come back again to have a meal together as a family?  Maybe, not.


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