Learning Living Skills

Elijah, reading a Kanye-IKEA meme which Retna shared with us
Elijah, reading a Kanye-IKEA meme which Retna shared with us

I was talking to our twins about the content of the Living Skill class they have in their study syllabus, aka Kemahiran Hidup.

Elijah, refused to have his picture taken
Elijah, refused to have his picture taken

The session is good and I think the syllabus should include the following:-

  1. Basic house cleaning.  This is an important skill which I think most teens now are not aware how to perform such duties or house chores, as they are generally assisted by their parents, grandparents, or worst of all – maids.  I could see how our neighbours grown up teens and some adults unable to do such house chores while they remain living with their parents.
  2. Food preparation.  I think including myself is to be blamed badly for this.  I seldom cook at home now even though we did the kitchen further last year with the intention to cook at home.  Guess what, we still do not.  It is a skill which we need to have, especially what if some day we got into famine and we need to plant our own food, or grow our own food.
  3. Living with others, as a community.  We have seen so many ethic groups in our country, crossed marriage etc.  We yet to teach the younger generation how to live together, in harmony.
  4. Money.  Yep.  How often we talk about money at home?  Often enough.  We need money to keep the family going, food on the table, kids at school with books, transportation to work, school, enjoy a movie or two once a month, nice meals outside the house etc.  We, or do we have a syllabus to teach about money?  The value of money?  How to earn money, ethically?
  5. Clothing.  I am referring to cloth washing, hanging, drying, folding, ironing etc.  How to wash delicate clothes, how to care of delicate lingerie?  Clothes ironing without burning the outfits?

Parents, you agree?

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