People I met in the recent MobileFest meet
People I met in the recent MobileFest meet

I love the pictures taken with Leica.

I will share the story of Leica in a different blog update.

The human elements as well as the details of scenery are just so amazing with Leica.

So, coming back to MobileFest meet.

I have been involved with organising meetings such as MobileFest for some years, scary enough, 7 years.  Started with just organising meetings for MyPDACafe, then the site shut down (sad case), resulted us to start MobileFest.

We had been invited by many brands to meet, however, I think over time, the meet format needs to be evolved with time, or else it would be – history.

Each and every one of the meeting of MobileFest is focusing on technology and the geek behind this tech.

We do not talk about personal gain, neither selling of items.  It would maintain as a neutral platform where no one feels anyone is above or edge over anyone.  We are the same, for all.

The attendees are free to bring in the gadgets they want to showcase, could be app, devices which are unique at that point of time.

Or devices to be launched, we got to see the preview units.  Kind of exclusive.

So, where are we and how to move on from this?

Be consistent, persistence and do not compromise over quality.  Possible?  Ya, it is.  We just need to put in effort.  It is about passion, like to do something.  So, we should keep the quality of good work.

Don’t you agree?

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