My Uber Experience

The Uber app on my phone
The Uber app on my phone

I started using Uber service on Sep 6, 2014.  I took the ride service when I was coming back from Citroen Service Centre at Glenmarie.  Since then I have pretty much using Uber, more than Grab.  I believe in taking ride in a comfort of a family ride, or similar.

Comfort, does not refer to business class nor luxury car rides.  I mean the comfort of a driver who would drive in the manner that he is driving his loved ones, family members, friends to places.

Or I think I may be wrong in my own perception about Uber and Grab rides.

About 20% of the Uber and Grab rides I have taken, were driven about by the former cab drivers.  I am not against cab drivers.  I am against bad driving.

I hate Mini Buses which I relied so much when I was a student.  The drivers drove in a way or manner to reach destination without much care of passenger comfort, safety and welfare.  So, why welfare?  Today, I took an Uber ride from KLCC to Hartamas.  The driver reached the wrong pick up location and I have to look for him.  He started the ride with Waze (which I seriously despise) and showed me where our destination was.  So I said he got it right.  Then, he drove me around for 15mins at the directions which was not according to Waze direction.  I have to stop him half way to bring him back to drive me to where I wanted to go.  I also find it highly disgusting that driver refused to take my advice, also unable to speak simple English.  Luckily I speak many dialects.  I politely told the driver that he has gone on the wrong way and directions, and I would be late for meeting, if he continued to drive wherever he wanted to go.

My Uber screen
My Uber screen

He listened and we reached the destination, 10 minutes passed my meeting time.

It was absolutely not cool.  I wished I could rate the driver and ride with no star, however, I can’t.  So, just 1 star.

I was on the Uber again this morning for meeting.  This time, I got someone who was afraid to drive.

The driver stepped on the brake too often, resulted the food in the stomach (breakfast) was in a hurry to rush out.

I guess it is seriously subjective about a Uber ride.

What I would like in an ideal Uber ride:-

  1. Clean environment – this is seriously subjective.  What I mean clean to many drivers, just mean, clean, like clean, without garbage, but clean also means the car does not smell funny.  Don’t you agree?
  2. Comfort – again, this is seriously subjective.  I spoil my dear families very badly with my super nice driving skill.  The kids do not feel car sick when I am driving them on long trip down south or up north.  I have opted for car rental for our meetings outside of Klang Valley, since I threw out in one of the trips with the client during a taxi ride in Sabah.
  3. Service – it is not necessary for the driver to speak nor talk to the passenger actually.  But, of course it is nice to chat especially when stuck in a traffic jam.  I love chatting with the Uber, Grab and even the taxi drivers.  Often the twins said I broke the ice so easily.  Maybe something they could learn.
  4. Knowledge, Direction – Waze and Google Maps are fantastic tools, but do not rely on them 100%.  Yesterday ride to Hartamas, Waze took the driver to Mid Valley from KLCC.  Kind of dumb no?
  5. Seating – it is perfectly fine to sit as front passenger.  I find it weird to sit behind a MyVi or Saga during a ride.


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