Control Your Kids, Before Your Kids Control You

I was in Bali last month, visited a Monkey Forest which is a sacred place for Balinese to worship the monkey god.  I noticed many visitors (excludes me and some others) love to have the monkeys to climb on their back, then ultimately to reach their shoulders and heads, where the monkeys will sit there.  What do you get doing that?  Some photo opportunity.

It is beyond comprehension.  I seriously wonder why.  Just like Donald Trump, the elected president.  Well, people being people.  We can not read their minds.

Last weekend, I was enjoying myself at the pool with the kids at the weekend home.

It was nice until few kids decided to pick up stones (decor items at the pool side) and threw them into the pool.  Although the stones did not hit any of us, but throwing such stones into the pool would cause harm and danger to the pool users.  One could slip, or hurt his toes when inside the pool. Due to the angle and reflection, it is really hard to estimate where the stones are in the water.

So I saw the parents were seated comfortably at the cafe (yep, for whatever reason, the management of the building has decided opening a cafe near the pool is a good idea), they could see their 2 kids doing the act, but they chose to ignore the act.

So while the kids may think it is fun to do that, the parents also think it is ok since they are unable to occupy nor talk to their kids, so just let them free to do whatever, includes damaging the public amenities.  I think parents who are irresponsible should be held responsible for such act.  Then I saw another 2 kids throwing stuff of the balcony, inclusive toys, tissues as well as pillows.  What was the parents or adults doing, beyond my comprehension, again.

I remember once, like 12-13 years ago, some so called experts claimed that our twins were ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) which we thought they were right, until we went to a clinic to meet a child psychiatrist, then only we realised all these description or term whoever called our twins were absolutely wrong.  They do not have the ADHD symptoms.  What they have – curiosity.  They need to be curious in order to seek knowledge, or else, they would be bored, right?

So coming back to parenting as such, I think parents seriously need to take responsibility to manage their kids.  Once we were on a flight back from Perth.  We could smell the baby in front us has made the poo, however, the parents were busy watching the in-flight entertainment, until the flight stewards informed them to change the kid diaper, but the parents were hesitant to do that, explain that we all should understand they have a kid.  Seriously, what a dumb fucked selfish parent.


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