Hong Kong from Bukit Mertajam, Cheras Boy and Puchong Guy Perspective

Me, at a local restaurant for dinner with Retna.

Been traveling for holiday as well as for work.

I will write something about Hong Kong, which I was there with Retna, to celebrate her birthday.

My last trip to Hong Kong was in 2007, when I was there for a golf meeting, and I do not play golf.

Earlier this year when Retna and I were enrolee to Taipei for Bon Iver, we stopped for a short while to check out Disneyland outlet, I was tempted to get BB8 for Inez.

This time round, we took some days off to experience Hong Kong, like we have never before.  In actual fact we could not experience Hong Kong fully, simply, we are just us.  We just do what we like.  And not what others like to do in Hong Kong.

So we visited places where we seen in the Hong Kong movies – the cafes, restaurants as well as religious places – where aunties and uncles would come to chase their bad luck away.

I love the efficiency in Hong Kong, especially the food ordering.  There is generally no electronic ordering system, just plan sheet of paper, with numbers.  In less than 5 mins, the first dish will appear on the desk.

We searched online where to eat etc, however, we talked to the hotel concierge, and highlighted, please do not recommend tourist outlets.  Well, we made the right choice.  强记烧鹅 (Kiong Kee Roast Goose) proven to be an interesting place to visit, located in Wanchai.  We love the roost goose served with ground nuts.  What a great taste to compliment the tender goose meat.  The service was just about right, I mean it is not a fine dining experience.  Decent food, clean venue.  Check this place when you are in Wanchai Hong Kong.

The roasted meat fried rice

We took a stroll to Times Square.  I tried the local curry fish ball.  Not to my liking.  I guess I find the curry tasted weird.  Walked into Times Square, nothing much, as it is the same as Pavilion KL.  Furthermore, the prices of luxury goods in Malaysia would be lower, no thanks to the weakening of RM.

We did try 2 Michelin starred restaurants – Ho Hong Kee and Tim Ho Wan.  The later was a treat from the hotel for Retna’s birthday.

Me, at Ho Hong Kee

There is a queue system in place for Ho Hong Kee, which to keep unhappy customer from complaining and we were told only given 60mins to consume the food and pay.  Food, again served really fast.

The fried fish ball, one of the kind, it is nice.

The service is really fast.  With high turn around time for each table.  I guess the team works on efficiency as well as cost oriented.

Nice wan tan noodle, I ordered a large one. See how tiny it is.
Yummy beef noodle
Me, at Tim Ho Wan

Let’s talk about Tim Ho Wan.  Also a Michelin starred restaurant in Hong Kong.  It is really packed.  We were seated in between, like the table is really cramp.  You really need to eat quick, so earlier dishes can be cleared.  Also to finish the food ASAP so the next set of customers could come in.  Such as great business to be in, don’t you think.

All right, the food at THW is not much to shout about.

It was ok.

The food at the Peak, we went to a Chinese restaurant, I forgot the name, was also ok.  Just fine.  Nothing much to shout about.

One thing for sure.  One expects the food in Hong Kong to be tasty.  Which, it is true.  I did not have anything I did not like while in Hong Kong.

Besides the food, I do have one thing I don’t really like in Hong Kong.  The rush.  The narrow roads for anyone to walk on.



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