Hello Hong Kong from The Peak!

View from the Victoria Peak, of which kind of cloudy

The Victoria Peak is a wonderful place to be, as it gives a really nice view of Hong Kong, in fact almost the whole Hong Kong.

To get here, you just need to purchase the ticket of the tram to get up here.  The whole journey would take probably less than 5 minutes.  If you do not want to wait for long on the queue to get to the peak, you could opt for the express ticket, which comes with visit to the Madame Tussaud – wax museum, but costly.

The waiting line could be long, but moving fast

There are quite a number of the escalators to line up to head to the Peak.  It is quite so time to head there, so be patient.  As stated, a peak, so you need to reach to the top.

Once we arrived at the peak, the view is simply spectacular!

The tram which ferries the passengers and visitors to the peak and back daily

You will be given a headphone with a touch screen information to give you a guided tour.

Retna and I learn so much more about Hong Kong, through more than 20 items which listed on the touch screen information guide.

Many dog owners brought their dogs to the peak for a Sunday gathering

8, dragons are important symbolic things for Hong Kong.

There are many high and tall buildings in Hong Kong, almost all of them are tall and slim.

From the peak, you can get a clear view of Tsim She Tsui, but as we were there on the cloudy day, the view was not really clear.

Surprise! We, in a packed tram heading back

My suggestions on coming to The Victoria Peak:-

  • Avoid Sundays.  It is really packed.  The Hong Kong folks also love going to peak to spend their weekend.  Also it is a popular hiking place for the locals.
  • If you dislike dogs, then avoid this place on weekends.  There are quite a number of dog owners bringing their dogs there, also a great place to socialise for the dogs.
  • Bring some food, if you do not want to pay over-priced food.  Also the food, taste kind of normal, you would get something better when you are off the peak.
  • The weather is unpredictable.  It is best to bring an additional sweater or jacket along.
  • Visit Madame Tussaud, get the Express Ticket, because you do not want to spend your time to wait, specially you are not from Hong Kong.  The wax museum is really fun.  Although the museum team will prohibit you from taking some pictures at certain parts of the exhibits, but overall, they let you take as much pictures as you want.  No one will stop you.  Well, tourist money, applies to everywhere in the world.
Another view of another peak, which I could see other houses on the hill

One final thing, when you are heading down, watch out for the tourists or visitors from China.  They are expert in queue cutting.  The express ticket only applicable to coming up, but not coming down.  So everyone would have to stand in line.  It took about 30mins to wait in line and another 5 mins to come down.

Should you visit the peak?  Yes!


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