Oh Holy Night, Good Food, Company and Time

Ariel, Inez, Elijah and Vishaan at the Christmas dinner at home

We seldom cook at home.  Like probably never.

Correction: Actually Ariel, Elijah and Inez do cook at home, when we are away for work or we worked really late, they will prepare their own meals at home.

So when we thought it is time for me and Retna to cook at home, nothing beats the right timing than Christmas.

We invited Grace, Vishaan and Vainavi over to our home for dinner as well as to get together.

We took turns to prepare the meals, mainly some dishes required more time than the others.

Mine dishes require shortest time, as I used the Thermomix to make them.  Where as for Retna, Elijah and Ariel, they need more time, for example, the baked chicken, and pork ribs, they need some time to cook them to great taste.

Lemon cake baked by Elijah.

The cooking session is also a good time for all of us to talk to each other and to find out about the school preparation etc.

I am sure it is equally fun for the kids to find out what their parents work have been etc.

Pork ribs curry made by Retna

When Grace and kids arrived at our home, it was a great catch up, we had so much to catch up and to thank both Grace and Ravi as they have been a great help for us when we were away.

Jamaican Baked Chicken by Ariel

I love all the dishes we have prepared.

Tuna Chutney, by me

And I guess all of us would agree too 🙂

Mee Siam, by me

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