Sweet and High Carbo Delight in Hong Kong Breakfast

The breakfast selection at Honolulu Coffee Shop in Hong Kong (檀島)

It is easy to find places to eat especially when you have Google to do that task, to do it really well.  However, we do not want the common suggestions, which I think Google would find it hard to recommend any when it is out of the norm.

So we turned to the locals, asking them where would you have breakfast daily.  Some names appeared and the one we thought we will try is 檀島 Honolulu Coffee Shop, which is located at Wanchai, close our hotel.  We were lazy to walk there so we took a Uber.

Retna, stood in front of Honolulu Coffee Shop

It is a really clean outlet with the staff whom are really fast to response to your requests and orders.

We had toast with luncheon meat, macaroni with sausage (can’t tell whether it was chicken or pork sausage), egg tart and of course the milk tea.

Macaroni with sausage

I love the meals there, but I dislike one thing – too much carbo for breakfast, unless one is into the heavy work, I mean labor, or else it is going to add onto the waistline, which I think one would want to avoid.  I guess living and working in Hong Kong involves a lot of walking, then perhaps the heavy carbo comes into picture.

The famous Hong Kong milk tea

The food serving was really fast, like less than 1 min.  I suppose everything may have been pre-cooked, just need to heat the food up before serving.

Famous egg tart

Compares with Malaysian mamak or nasi leak experience, this breakfast would cost more – about HKD50 per pax or more, depending what one ordered.  So it would be RM28.82 per head for toast and perhaps the macaroni.

Try it when you are here, the breakfast kept me full until I had lunch on the flight much later.


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