Cergas Bersama Antabax

The top 20 winners from all categories of the ‘Cergas Bersama Antabax’ Doodle Competition and guests with Antabax mascot, the Germ Buster

The number 1 Halal antibacterial personal care range, Antabax, organized its ‘Cergas Bersama Antabax’ Doodle Competition for  with the support of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.


Antabax was at the forefront of popularizing this form of artistic expression, as the competition received tremendous support in 2014, the first time it was organised by Antabax.

The ‘Cergas Bersama Antabax’ doodle competition ran from June 20 to September 30, 2016 on Antabax’s official Facebook page, and was proven a hit among Malaysians as it attracted over 1,200 nationwide entries from primary and secondary schools, higher learning institutions and a newly added open category.

The top three winners from the primary, secondary, higher learning institution and open category of the ‘Cergas Bersama Antabax’ Doodle Compeition together with Antabax’s mascot, The Germ Buster

An exhibition the 20 top doodle from each category, for a total of 80 exhibits was held at the National Visual Art Gallery, and was attended by the finalists, their families, friends and teachers who came from across the nation to show their support.

First, second and third place winners from each category will be receiving RM3,000, RM1,500 and RM800 respectively, while 17 consolation prize winners from all categories will receive RM100 each for their efforts.

(Second from left) Senior Principal Assistant Director, Co-Curricular and Arts Division, Ministry of Education, Mr Mahamad Amran Bin Kamsi, Senior Principal Assistant Director, Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health, Dr Norita Binti Shamsudin, led by Group Product Manager, Household and Personal Care Department, Marketing Division, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Ms Angeline Sim during the tour of the ‘Cergas Bersama Antabax’ Doodle Competition showcase.

According to Ms Angeline Sim, the Group Product Manager, Household & Personal Care, Marketing Division at Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, the doodle competition was an effort to combine good hygiene practices along with cognitive and creative expression.

“This is a platform to create an in-depth engagement with consumers, and to encourage the younger generation to practice good hygiene habits through a platform they can enjoy while retaining information about health,” she explained.

“Maintaining good personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons – health, social, psychological and simply as a way of life. It helps to prevent the spread contagious diseases that are spread via contact, and reduces bad odours. Since doodling is beneficial to memory and grasping new concepts as shown by research, it helps to reinforce the connection to keeping good hygiene for better health,” she added.


Inez, was seen in action

First place winners in their respective categories were Mohd Syamil Aizat Bin Mesman, 12 years old from SK Limpoon 1 (Primary School Category), Ng Jie Xin, 17 years old from SMK Tun Saban (Secondary School Category), Leong Ka Mun, 18 years old from International Advertising, Communication and Technology College (Higher Learning Institution Category) and Mohamad Shariffudin Bin Mohamadiah, 35 years old from Negeri Sembilan (Open Category).

All guests joined in for a live doodling session during the ‘Cergas Bersama Antabax’ doodle competition prize giving ceremony, showcasing the freedom of expression through art.

According to Senior Assistant Director of the Co-Curricular and Arts Division, Ministry of Education, Encik Mahamad Amran Bin Kamsi, the art of doodling is a good platform to engage and educate the younger generation by allowing them to express themselves.

“Malaysians are very creative and many of the works exhibited good skills, technique and most importantly, imagination and creativity. The Ministry of Education is always on the lookout for new ways to create a positive engagement with students, parents and teachers, to encourage quality and creative learning,” he said.

“The ‘Cergas Bersama Antabax’ Doodle Competition had the combination of creative learning and good hygiene values to impart, which is what we look for in a good program. This Doodle Competition is indeed an effective tool to educate regarding hygiene,” he elaborated.

Senior Principal Assistant Director, Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health, Dr. Norita Shamsudin, also expressed that the ‘Cergas Bersama Antabax’ Doodle Competition was an innovative way to reinforce good hygiene practices among students and adults.

“This is an activity anyone can do anytime and anywhere with a paper, pen or pencil. This is especially important in the younger generation as education regarding hygiene should start from an early age,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Mohd Syamil Aizat Bin Mesman, winner of the Primary School Category expressed his joy after successfully winning the cash prize and Antabax products.

“I love art and I doodle quite often in class as I find it a relaxing habit whenever I need to think. I am very happy that my artwork was chosen as the winner out so many entries, it makes me more confident with my drawing. I am thankful for this opportunity given by Antabax,” he said.

The grand prize winner for the Secondary School Category, Ng Jie Xin from SMK Tun Saban said that she received strong support from her family to participate in the doodle competition.

“My family members were very encouraging and supportive of me to enter the ‘Cergas Bersama Antabax’ Doodle Competition, especially my grandmother. Art has always been my passion and so I doodled ten different artworks for my grandmother to choose from and to our surprise, the one she chose won the competition! Thank you, Antabax for this platform and for giving all of us the opportunity to express our creativity,” she concluded.

Top 20 winners from the primary and secondary category and their respective schools will also be receiving Antabax Care Kits, as a reward for their support and to further encourage good hygiene practices among schools.

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