Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)

From Sinar Harian, http://www.sinarharian.com.my/nasional/unikl-iktiraf-uec-sebagai-syarat-kemasukan-1.615054

Well, I did not arrange for the twins to study at Kuen Cheng High School, a Chinese independent school as most Chinese would refer to.  Will blog about Chinese High School another time.

The twins chose to go there, after they sort of made their own research and findings on the comparison between Chinese High School, nation school, private school and international school.  Of course they would want international school, however, the parents budget does not permit.

From The Edge Financial Daily, Jan 23, 2017

So, they chose Kuen Cheng.  Of the many Chinese High Schools in Klang Valley, they picked Kuen Cheng because of – many of their school mates would be.  Anyway, many of them are not there anymore, left for another schools, by now.

Interesting point for the twins – generally UEC is not recognised in Malaysia, under the public university guideline which the Ministry of Higher Education claimed it is not according to its guideline – where the Bahasa Malaysia is one of the key subject.  Anyway, I sometimes find this statement from the ministry kind of contradictory.


I checked the subjects for Junior Unified Examination Certificate (JUEC) and UEC, I can clearly see that Bahasa Malaysia is listed as one of the compulsory subject for JUEC and UEC.

My advice to policy makers, influencers, when you decide on things like these, which concern the children future, just look around you, think from the perspective of you as parents.  Not based on political reason.  Children’s education and future, we can and never have the right to play nor mess with.

You can read from the news articles that I have shared in this blog entry, both politicians (MARA’s Chairman also a politician) made such remark, which seriously contradict with one another.  I believe tomorrow the chairman will then issued a statement on his Facebook (after the Kelantan football club incident) that UEC is not recognised by UniKL.

Let’s talk about the positive side of things.

I was at Kuen Cheng few days ago, I read a poster on the school notice board with awe.  Why?

The poster listed the world’s renowned universities (just to name a few, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge etc) actually recognise UEC.

There, slap to the face.

Now, I slap on my fore head.  Then, palm to my face.

I seldom blog about things related to politics, but I chose to this time, because anyone trying to mess with my kids education, I will want to be in the know, and want to held those responsible.

Do not play with people’s future, when we are suppose to produce intelligent next generation, rather than producing 3 Stooges.

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