Driving in Rome, Graduated If You Still Alive.

Traffic situation in Rome city. Can be really bad.

The Rome trip has been fruitful and great.

The Tan-Vijayans really enjoyed themselves, so do we, Retna and I.

We took a flight from KLIA, and then transited in Dubai, before reaching Rome, or the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.  The whole journey – about 14 hours of flight time.  We were lucky to have a short transit in Dubai.  So less waiting.

Arrived in Rome at about 6:25pm, and the hotel transfer came to pick us up at the same time.  We reached the hotel in less than 20mins, mainly the driver drove really fast.

It is like, one just want to drive fast for the sake of driving fast.

Just like in Malaysia, I got into some cabs or Uber that the drivers just want to drive fast.  Perhaps the time means money.

Most cars in Rome, dented one parts of the other.

So, we arrived safely but were unable to continue another journey out for dinner in Rome, so we ended up having dinner at the hotel, which I generally would not recommend if you are in Rome.  The menu could be tricky.

For example.  Spaghetti with meat sauce, actually means plain pasta with meat sauce, without the meat.  Another example, Spaghetti with meat ball sauce, again, without the meat balls.  You got it now.

We were planning to walk out from the hotel, slightly downhill to get some McD, yep, I know what the heck with McD in Rome, seriously??

Anyway, we ended up eating at the hotel.

Back to the driving in Rome.

Generally Romans parked their older cars on the road side.

The parking space in Rome is really limited, and you would not find that many places to park any car that is bigger than a sedan.  So most of the Romans would choose to have smaller or compact cars, which would be easier to move about as well as to park.

The most popular car – being Smart for Two.  Honestly so many around.  Many of them choose to park their car horizontally in a side parking.

Our first official cab driver is a lady.  Kindly stylish aunt, with perhaps kids already.  She is friendly and also aggressive in the driving department.  She drove us on a Saturday morning, where I think most Romans may still be in bed, by the way, Italy is listed as the 3rd most sexually satisfied country in the world.  Ha ha ha.

The traffic was smooth, but when she reached one part where only the cab and bus lane be, one of the car stuck some where in between, because wanted to turn in.  Then she started yelling at the driver.  They exchanged some sarcastic words, I think.  Because it sounded like Indian having conversation with each others, with lots of hand gestures, head shaking.

She drove us to Spanish Steps, where we got our local prepaid SIM from TIM.  We approached a SIM counter, which I forgot the name, was quoted 65 Euro per SIM for 3GB.  OMFG, no way we will be paying that much for 1 SIM.

We spent half a day out at Spanish Steps, main Street, where the Romans shop on weekend.  We had so much fun with the street artists.  Anyway, after a while, can be boring.

We then call a cab back to our hotel in the evening after we had dinner in Rome.

On the second day, I asked the cab driver, “Why do you drive so fast?”

His reply, “There is no room to drive slow in Rome.  You will get honk.”

“Also, we have short fuse when we drive on the road.  We have no patient.”

“We will exchange words, but we do not fight.”

“Even we drive like crazy, you seldom see accident on the road.”

“If you can drive in Rome, you can drive any where in the world.”

The last, I agree.

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