High Speed Train in Rome, To Many Places, Including Outside of Italy.

We were in cabin no 4 of Italo, the high speed train

We made arrangement to attend the Pope Audience on Wednesday, so we decided to leave Rome on Tuesday to head out to Florence, or famously known as Fiorenze in Italian.

The ride was 80 Euro per pax for return ticket.  We did not plan to stay in Florence, so we went on a day trip, which according to many Romans, more than enough.  We only have 2km of radius to cover.  They were right actually.

Florence is small.

But I want to talk about the high speed train ride.

The ride was actually really comfortable

Retna and I went on bullet train ride when we were in Japan, and then again when I was in Nagoya, heading to Kyoto, for work trip.

In comparison between Italo and the bullet train we had taken in Japan, the Japanese wins in some way.  Of course the cleanliness.  Followed by the amazing accuracy on the time.  Not that Italian is not punctual.  We could not get the platform number until when the train arrived.  It was not really a busy season for train.

We bought the tickets on the machine, which the team helped us a bit, as we were struggling a bit with the Italian language for the destination etc.

Italo team was quick to assist.  They were good.

The vending machine on the high speed train.

When we took the night train back to Rome, I fell asleep immediately, although I wanted to watch the Michael Clayton movie which was complimentary to the passengers of the high speed train.  Even the WiFi too, is complimentary, which I think is cool to have.  If you are not planning to look out the window on the Italy country side, you can spend your time online.

Just note that when you are Florence, the train station charged 1 to 2 Euro for the washroom usage.  Yep, no kidding.

If you are bored, you can walk about between the cabins.  I walked to the vending machine to get some coffee.

We will come back another time for the ride to Venice, some other places, perhaps.


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