The Pope Blessing on Vatican City

The window where Pope Francis delivering his blessing to the crowd.

Sunday in Rome, the best place to be, other than on bed, is the St Peter’s Square of which at 12noon, Pope Francis will bless the crowd.

The crowd at St Peter’s Square during Pope Francis blessing session.

You need to understand Italian and Latin to enjoy the full blessing.  Or, turn on the Google Translate with the voice recording to the effect.

The square will be packed with people. What I dislike, the smokers. Kind of disrespect, when Pope delivering his blessing to the crowd.

Just like the Roman Catholic services I have attended, it is very structure, nothing to be filled with the spirit.  So, the time is also structured in the way which one knows when to end.

The famous Swiss Guards at Vatican City.

Pope Francis brought 2 young students with him to read out the blessings.

There is really no ideal or better spot at the square, as he is really far away from the crowd, for security reason.

You could watch him in action on 1 large screen.  Only 1.  Seriously.

There is also a band playing live to entertain the crowd, but I think the band on duty that day, was kind of bad.

So, relied on Google Translate to understand the blessing message.

Having a coffee break at the ‘Holy’ cafe inside the Basilica.

To enter the St Peter’s Square for event as such, one needs to go through the security check.  Quite easy, actually, just place bag and camera, or phone on the conveyor belt for the screening, nothing about body scanning unless the Italian security feels it is necessary.

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