Lessons Learnt From Owning A Piece Of New Apartment

A view from the balcony of our weekend home.

I love our weekend home.  We did not intend to buy a weekend home, neither we ever thought of we will be doing it in our life.  Weekend home is really a nice term for many, we happened to have one, after we had lunch at a place which was close to the property developer showcase, of which we paid the deposit without much consideration.  You may say it is impulse buying.

Like the official story we shared with everyone, we actually visited the showcase to collect the information for aboutcom’s colleagues, whom have been looking for their first home purchase.  It is true.  Just that none of them bought it, except us.

The piece of property we bought is from Trinity Group, which made many property projects with ‘Z’, not sure why.  It is the last alphabet, and the CEO of the company constantly saying how he wants to place his projects to higher end consumers.  Guess that is why he named his latest project with ‘A’, which is on major rebates, discounts now.  If you are planning to get one, wait till the end of this blog post to decide.

A nice geometry shape of our weekend home block.

The progress payment of this project was going well, except towards the delivery part, there was some delay, but not too long.  I remember the property developer mentioned some form of compensation.  I do not remember any of that taking place.  Or it may had.  We seldom pay so much attention to the development as our intention was to rent out the unit when it is finally ready.  We were in no hurry to get it.

On the day we collected the keys, which was in November 2015, we met a coordinator whom shown us our unit.  Lee, was his initial.  Lee basically was rushing us to complete the key hand over inspection, as he kept telling us he has so many owners waiting for him at the office.  This part is not true.  There were many coordinators at the office taking the owners to inspect the unit.  Also the owners came according to schedule which so allow at least an hour per unit for the owner.

We were there with our good friend, who assisted us to check the unit and highlighted areas that developer needs to fix.  Of course Lee did not pass us any of the sticker to indicate where the defects were.

The electric switchboard was malfunction, so we could not check if the lights are working.  Neither the air-conds, water heater etc.

We did the defects submission part on the second visit.  This time with another coordinator, Uma.  She also rushed us through the session, as it was a way to reduce the complaint from the owners.  The finishing was not up to the satisfaction.

Credit to the main contractor of Trinity of this project, the company sent few supervisors on site to assist on the defects and sent the team over to fix them quite fast.

We waited another 2 months for the unit to be furnish, as Trinity sold us the unit which comes fully furnished.  Disclaimer here, the ‘fully furnished’ refers to items which could be seen in the unit, not really everything, as everything.

We spent our Christmas in 2015 to clean up the place, bought new stuff to furnish the place up.  We bought new sofa, lights, plates and toiletries.  Of course the clothes hangers too.

We spent our Christmas and New Year there.

It has been great until there was changes on the management company, if I remember correctly, twice.

The first company being from Trinity Group, then replaced by someone they have appointed, which to the team credit, replied to emails, complaints promptly.  Now it is the third (if I am right) management company which I attended its first AGM in December, which I was denied the voting right, as the system as an arrears of RM90+ unpaid.  I offered to pay the amount on the spot, was declined.  I guess it was a strategy to reduce the number of voters to go against the service charge hiked.

I was very upset about the denies of voting right as well as service charge hike, and we stopped going to weekend home for 1 month plus.  Until the twins informed me that they need a place to practice their swim.

Today I was there cleaning the unit – vacuuming, wiping and mopping.  For a space of close to 500 square feet, it is a nice place to hang out.  We played board game in our unit.

We also spent time at the gymnasium, swimming pool as well as enjoy the food at Seri Kembangan.  Overall, it is a great property.  Just I do not like the management company, neither I have much faith with the property developer.



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